Letra de la canción

Enchanted thoughts are useful
in a mind teared by time,
that don't give space anymore
for useless sensations.
Is peace, is waiting
(forget the fear)
void is my soul
(let yourself go)
waiting for its end.

By this time extinct is the hope,
a shadow that from the void
is coming toward me
with my life in its hand.
Is distress, not pain,
(now you're with me)
its face is in my eyes
(you ceased to suffering)
that die very slowly

She catches my soul
(I'm here for you)
and brings it with her
(I'll get you through the quiet)
takes it in the door
that I'll never see anymore.
It will wander in nothing,
(you'll never be lonely anymore)
to leave it in the oblivion
(you'll never have company)
here I'm waiting don't know what,
remembering ... that last breath.

Arise useless emotions
of an all past life,
tormented by the destiny
that blocked me in the torment.
Death is in life
(life doesn't exist)
but life is in death
(death doesn't distress)
who reached the end know it.

We're made for suffering
in joy and sorrow
we'll rest in the destiny's shadow...

Letra añadida por: melody maledire

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