Canción 'After Love' del disco 'Press Play' interpretada por Puff Daddy

After Love Letra y Canción

Puff Daddy (ft. Keri)

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AFTER LOVE es una canción de Puff Daddy y Keri que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Press Play.


'After Love'

(feat. Keri Hilson)

I Used To Move Around,
I Feeling Kinda Stuck These Days (Because Of You)
And I Would Be On The Highway,
If Only I Could Leave My Place (Because Of You)
I Used To Be A Talker
But I Aint Got Nothing Good To Say (Because Of You)
And I Be Trying To Hide But Its Written All On My

So I...
I Really Thought You Were The One, The Only One
I Guess That I Was Wrong
Come To Find Out You Wasn't It,
The Opposite
If Everything I Thought

What Do You Do After Love?
What Can You Say When Its Said And Done
Nothing At All
Cos U Cant Have A Heart Break
And You Cant Stop Your Tears From Falling Down
So What Do You Do? What Do You Do?
After Love.(5x)