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In atime
When the land was filled with void
And we wished to be loved
To be redeemed
By someone who will lead our way

Is there still the sadness in your eyes
When the answer´s at hand
I am the chosen one

And i bear this name with pride
Feel the power in me
Take the legacy and call them
When all hope will fail
I´m not unheard it is my trail

(i´m) not a prophet but i know
We will all go our way
Words can´t convey
In waters the deep is still and sound
Where i found, where i am bound

I will steer you back to life
I can feel your pounding heartbeat closely
I am one
I will follow you into the deep
As a young bird has to learn to fly

Whale rider
Whale rider
Whale rider
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: gabrielcandiavela (#8.887)

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