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All has changed from the day that you entered from never,
But when you went away, that I wanted to abandon the departure,
I am present without future, that he is hard son of for norm,
life is not more than a too- short- shit story,
Sometimes I think and want to having been born never ( why ),
The griefs sank me in a sea that runs over,
I have swallowed Y right now, too much salt water,
I am not nothing in order to the world, the world in order to me is not nothing.

I thought about taking one's life, but there was no courage,
Before I was a cowardly kid although without eggs pa cut,
I become ashamed of sickly people's my thoughts,
Fragile Minds,
They break on the way in in touch with thousands of hard moments,
Moments than these pressed,
You cry furtively after knowledge it than hard point,
You want to return to have what he is not yours,
Accepting proudly,
Blows demonstrate your pain With a closed fist,
You earn of to cry from filling the void that you left,
In me inside there is pain, hatred and love you made love to me
You missed Y to me to give in to march,
After repeating over and over my sentiments THAT THEY DO NOT STOP OF TO CRY.

Right now! He did not trust, neither I believe at all for your fault.
Your! Never you will feel what I felt for you NEVER!
I believed in infinity, for once while one is alive,
I saw Y as his end I was arriving, I was opening much more my wound.

once This one Was wanted he is my goodbye in order to you,
That he hates to my hatred,
I am happy, but he is than that alone hard some seconds,
That you know that (subj) he stops this little boy:
You went much more than a world.

I put away herein my memories's musical box to you,
Each one of the moments, of imageries that have been died to me,
My body, he feels empty and alone,
Without dead sentiments in this heart broken.

There are things that get lost and you do not find one why,
He has obstacles that they can topple you,
There is moments whereon you feel like abandoning all,
There is always a sentiment died in a heart broken.

There is a sentiment died in my vital organ,
My dead heart imprisoned in a musical box,
Forgetting to is to fall in error of one accord same YOU NOT LIE TO YOURSELF(SUBJ)
I have the hope of seeing if my heart wakes up .

It is necessary to advance in the crystal's this side In spite of whole,
In which would be only far away of all the evil,
All, all have a story than counting
And also an approximately perfect story but with ending,
You try to escape with your vices,
I have dreams, nightmares that I stop breathing in.
From that day, I look for your kisses in fantasy,
He would say that he penalizes her melody flows herein,
Next to my voice, without desires, dead person for solitude,
Still I remember that good-bye, that good-bye coldly.

will I Be color-blind? Because all comes from distinct color than now,
I can not sleep nightly, for fear the love got lost,
Footloose Now without answers, hopelessly and without faith,
He is that sad - also true he is the yesterday,
He is the past once was remembered in the present,
I want a future once was driven away of the fear and of the damage that the people does,
Y is that I feel (subj) bundle as a prisoner,
If never I have seen the light herein path, BUT I WANT TO !!
Leave me alone I do not want your false compassion,
of the people superficiality makes bitter my heart,
Follow-up beating, but senseless.
Sometimes I want to remember, to cry for it I have lived than right now,
But no, I do not want more bitter experiences
They are paranoias In order to you, but you charge in order to my music
With the one that I can not charge,
One hundred to be able to not bear it,
They go away joining the things however I keep on being .
Looking for my road, that he will have written me I destine,
That I had done it he is a cabronazo,
I do not believe in divine beings,
It does not exist, finishes magic to be trick.
I right now I am disappointed with the life that had the obligation to me.
I do not have one, I have thousand nailed thorns,
No longer he swims I do not believe in tales fairy.
I do not say that I be for ever (subj),
I say that he is now,
Because when I am sick they happen but slow the hours.
melancholy helps to me he has to stick out all to it outside,
The fury that was asleep inside no longer.
I wish I could, forgetting to that I exist,
I felt like going back to being that was dispelled,
Than me this one passing, I have a devil and he wants out,
And leaving my body to a lao that he does not stop of to suffer.

Was beating mask a face is hidden in his shell,
present is your past once was deformed in your heart,
Broken Photoes, dead memories last for your memory.
Back against the wall even they patrol grief and glory souvenirs
And the fact is that I want to forget that many things,
But point is hard to do,
They are thorns that they cross and make you to remember cryings,
I want to forget to, I want to sleep, to wake up,
Finding an infinite well-being GIVE ME A REST
At last he finds my end right now near,
Why I want to take to you but in a dead image,
In the oversight, I put away your photo and your empty letters,
You fill with words, how they were telling lies alone.
Y is than my fairy tale,
He got lost in the solitude,
In a sad silence in a sea that he wants to drown out to me,
A flame that is wanted to extinguish,
A memory once was broken,
Your photoes are dead sentiments than right now I do not note .

I ask myself why do I remember you?
If I want to forgetting to.
Why gave it to you all and your you stoped loving .
Sometimes I keep on asking around to him to me subconscious,
Why in the background I know that there is some of me that he understands me.
He was like a slow and excruciating death In order to me.
You were the more beautiful From among all the black roses.
You durst to get into a practically impenetrable being,
And you walked off with a heart that I was not of nobody.

I have stood that many things than neither you imagine it.
This being right now excludes itself, it wither myself
Y does not want to go by of page,
magic is pity in my heart,
With right now shadowy griefs the one that make to increase my pain,
Forgetting to is to want to deceive to yourself being,
Open the eyes and he attempts seeing beyond what you want to see.
Loving is be (subj) on top of anything else,
Knowledge than the person be felt(subj) especial in a story,
I begin of my memory's ending,
Cut open a withered Eden after the crystal. I feel dead person!!
I remember that perhaps, that one last good-bye,
I want to erase of my mind it he suffered than this body.
ignorance does happiness, they tell the learned persons,
I want to remember your labia and to forget that good-bye,
Although oversight be a catch (subj) to fall in error to oneself.
To the to die my sentiments I threw the heart to the abyss,
I ask myself : Whom I import it and that he will remember me?
When my end take me(subj) my story will take,
Right now that sentiment died to the breaking one's my heart,
I am fed-up my life he is in danger of extinction!!!!!!!
Do not pump blood neither he beats, it does not make sense,
Why I follow the way if right now my destination died .
Your story, why did you let me go?
I remember nightly day whereon you gave up to me to march.
But you separated me from your arms,
And now you feel sadness as I right now I felt your rejection.
The times cambian slowly,
But forgetting to is not easy,
Why so loud it charges, if did it make fragile in the box?
I was like a small child,
I remember your sweet aroma,
He suffered my heart and now is in comma for your fault.
Forgetting to is to fall in error, the heart no longer,
Because always has a sentiment died in a heart broken.

There is a sentiment died in my vital organ,
My dead heart imprisoned in a musical box,
Forgetting to is to fall in error of one accord same DO NOT LIE TO YOU
I have the hope of seeing if my heart wakes up .

Having if he wakes up ...

Having if he wakes up ...

Letra añadida por: wilx

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