Backstreet Boys


Ah, Backstreet
Yes yes y'all
One time, here we go (yes yes y'all)
Ooh, ooh
Yes yes y'all
I could tell when I stepped in the room
And I saw you standing there
And about by the way that you moved
I couldn't help the way I stared

There were some mysterious folks
They led me here to you
Lead me (lead me) to you (to you)
So I stood there watching
And I was hypnotized
By the rhythm of your body
And the music in your eyes
And I was lost inside a groove with you
Ooh, ooh, ooh

Hey Mr. DJ keep playin' that song for me
Out on the floor in my arms, she's gotta be
Let's get it on (let's get it on)
Jam all night long
Mr. DJ, Mr. DJ
Will you play it for me?
Ooh, ooh (yes yes y'all)
Now it feels like it could be romance
As we dance across the floor
Every move that your body makes

Only makes me want you more
And it seems like time's moving fast
How can we make it last?
Make it (make it) last (last, so long)
As we keep on dancing
I am hypnotized
By the rhythm of your body
And the music in your eyes
Ooh, ooh

Close your eyes (close your eyes)
And just imagine this alone
Let the music put you in a groove
I am lost, lost inside a groove with you
When you do the things you do
Come on and work your body, work your body
Hey Mr. DJ, jam all night long
Hey Mr. DJ play that song for me

Keep it coming Mr. DJ

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