Luis Fonsi

Letra de la canción

and so strong my promise You were always my princess, but now say no ...
And so fragile my innocence, which no longer fit forces to my heart

Life turns, it turns giving our life, vanishes in a careless and stops in a heartbeat ...

[Today we remember half of memory that goes away, you to another place ...
I can only begin, and no matter the truth, neither the beginning nor the end ...
Today my salt tears are tears of the sea ...]

And now my world is in reverse, from head to toe, everything will go as ...
Already the photos you're not, you will be my last, and the future that gives more.

Life turns, it turns gives our life is desvanence in an instant, only way forward ....


To cleanse the soul must mourn, in this shared sky, the lesson was having vividooo ....


Today my salt tears are tears of sea ...

Letra añadida por: santhyago (#10.945)

Luis Fonsi

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