Letra de la canción

Social norms and the status
quo take place of the very integrity
from which my heart flows.

And I ask where did the music go?
This is my one true love.

(I watch as interactions are
replaced with transactions.)

To be fuc*** and raped.
To be shipped and taped.
Mass produced at the very
expense of the original intentions.

(Concerned with market value and costs.
In the process the message is lost.
Id rather shake your hand.
Id rather take a stand.
Then to have someone sign my band.)

This could very well be the day the music died.
It now lies in the gutter where profit should reside.

Music: the medium to release
positive and negative energy
which in turn brings positive energy.

to take a stand. to damn the man.
To stop it and demand a change not a guarantee.

It is sad to see how music is turning.

But no one cares

There is no excuse because
we live in a day and age
where MTV doesn't even play music.

Letra añadida por: sadistico 666 (#8.495)

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