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What if I told you this
was already planned?
That we have all been
deprogrammed and reprogrammed?

That we are not the masters of our own destinies?
This can not be for i am man not machine!
We are all human or are we?

The answer tends to fluctuate
when we stop thinking with
our minds and thrive on hate.

Your basic primitive animal instinct.

To kill...To gather...for what we need.
To kill...For thrill...Out of greed.

Caste aside this selfish way
of life When human life is given a price.
Imagine life priced at ( $ 2.50...$3.50...) a gallon?

Stop making measurements through borders.
Stop making assumptions through politics.

Or we can just say f*** this world
and willing fully stand in line
and wait to be crucified.
The only problem is its not my time to die.


I dont think you will ever understand
me or the message im trying to send.
Human life is Human life.

( Food is not the only thing
that makes this world starve)

and the only apology
you can give us is that...

"I should have fuc*** you so hard"

F*** earths womb impregnate.
Modern man is insane...

Letra añadida por: sadistico 666 (#8.120)

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