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A story to tell, yes, these are things of life ...

I've fallen many times throughout this life
I've learned to get up in the eternal fall,
that penalties are not forgotten nor pot or drink,
Game Over can play well and lose the game,
for you can not imagine risking
colleagues who come to betray,
you just have more questions solucionarte,
few sentences were to drown,
managed to conquer as many beautiful ladies.

When something is not right you can not keep silent,
you know that something needed to fill the void
must follow a straight line firmly in that way
you never fight and continues to sink but erect.

When everything goes wrong just wait no hurry,
Always look at your picture is clouded my view,
I have always been pessimistic and I think I will remain
because everything's going well and you still see memories.

It was not your intention good I could not forget your betrayal,
he died, broke and my heart stopped beating,
locked me in your prison without prior justification
Why did you leave? I ask without giving an explanation.

As a result I became a brat suspicious,
because life gives you just have to accept sticks,
in my eyes is just pure hatred and resentment,
you do not know the pain it feels like to lose everything.

I locked myself in a corner room and I began to mourn
"Tell me what the hell good is it if you're not"
want to take my mind all the bad times,
I want this child to remain strong in despair,
but still I see reflected in that dark glass
remembering those days together at the portal,
which touched your lips that time was great
I remember wanting to be with you till the end.

There are things in life are things in your story,
everyday things there are penalties but also glory,
days on which days you fly you fall in pits,
planted in the garden is weeds and roses. (x2)

One day everything is blurred and there is no will to live,
there is nothing to go there is nothing that makes you smile,
and in the end you end up living with their pain,
a single just wanting to slit their wrists.

For friends, it would fail as a rule,
I trusted you and the friendship is deformed,
easily escaped my fragile mind all,
between sentences, kick box and I came out of the mud.

If you look blindly all alone in your good,
as only true friends one hundred,
I know I can only rely on pen and paper,
tell you my life because I do not feel like a fool,
I tell them one to one my deepest secrets,
for neither will laugh at me or found out worldwide,
I have failed so many times that I lost count
I do not remember the truth perhaps 30 or 40
and is that more than half under a mask emmasca,
moves them all earn interest greed,
lose more friends than were ever win
iran where day by day I wonder, where will they go.

I no longer expect anything from anyone,
I hope I do not understand,
I will not mention even a name,
I do not think it worthwhile.

There are no friends but me I have to myself,
I know I can live alone without falling into the abyss
is the account of any story anywhere
trust no one can fail you,
These are just tips that can give this little guy,
but from there I leave in your hands as to trust a.

Because time is changing but the people also,
because time is passing and will never stop,
because there are many things still to learn,
because there is still a path in life that I choose.

(Because) They are things in life are things in your story,
everyday things there are penalties but also glory,
days on which days you fly you fall in pits,
planted in the garden is weeds and roses. (x2)

And are things in life, chapters of my story,
fairy tale that became more grief than glory,
slag shed tears on a pillow,
Unfortunately for me and cheering me to the bed.

Striped paranoia and a bitter loneliness,
I left the lady who loved truth,
under sheets every morning thinking about you I cry,
That night we discussed was the last time I saw you.

And I wonder why each kiss you gave me,
because if you trust the answer because it was missing,
because luck never with me,
no wonder you do not make a shred of hope.

Maze with no exit, I look and do not encounter
in the only place you're in my thoughts is
exactly where they are well into the feelings,
the cries from my heart beats so slow.

After months sometimes I still think when I was your child,
those kisses on the neck slowly and lovingly,
llenban me you gave me hope and illusion,
I still remember the day he died my heart.

I remember my life for you have given
I doubt there is someone who loves you as I have loved,
never missed anything because I gave you everything
I sleep and wake up knowing that you never lost.

And although I find it hard to accept still in my mind
try to forget but do not know if I want,
we all know that pride does not lead anywhere,
everything is dark from the day you left me.

Luckily I turned away and lost hope,
time does not forgive forget and do not expect the needle advances,
I forgive and never forget I'm lonely and empty,
I never regretted the time they live together.

(Because) They are things in life are things in your story,
everyday things there are penalties but also glory,
days on which days you fly you fall in pits,
planted in the garden is weeds and roses. (x2)

That life is shit well corroborated,
do not do anything about it and we crossed arms,
easy to hide complain drown sorrows in bottles,
any time without thinking about consequences involved.

Engañate lives committed to saying that life is beautiful,
spend hours, days, months, years and even trust it,
the damage went live today or lose tomorrow,
This is the story of someone who no longer trust anything.

Appreciate what you have before you slip away
because many repent and it is too late,
and shed tears, alone in a silence broken
time goes slow in his dead body.

You live each moment as if it were your last breath
polluted air in the twilight verse
final end of the last chapter
how to call this episode has no title.

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