This is our history, just you and me,
perfect our story, our story of two,
is that although there are many, none like this,
My life is meaningless because it forms part of it,
everything is perfect, I think of you day and night of sleep,
slave of my words of my own thoughts
ment and when I say I want to escape without you,
because I feel that if you're not missing a piece of me!

I love you!, Above all, words fall short,
feel is the most precious, I lost in your eyes
I melt in your mouth, I wake up next to you
then the sea crashing on the rocks, it is hard to see
as the train departs and the person who travels more love
and running with it, but the distance
is not an obstacle to none, from a beach alone,
We saw sunrise together, are feelings agarrados
these pages a story so fantastic
where there is hatred missing pages in this
story that the two fill, every step, every kiss,
Each hug is a story that tells of my head
and writes this heart,
because the only reason to continue this relationship is
our union ... the bond that unites us,
I want to get off the moon and raise up to the clouds!

Alone, grazing the limit of the forbidden
to make the most special moment that
we unite to form a single, is not only
a story ... but now that neither
will never forget ... I love you!

Beyond the sun open a place,
where my dreams
become reality ... where you are,
I want to be
because my history is where you are ...

You are so big for me, in my heart that no cabes,
I want next to you away to a place where no one,
but between you and I have distance,
never going to separate us, I hope the time
will stop so you can kiss forever,
because my heart is where you sit,
is that I want to be with you every moment forever,
does not exploit sentiments which could grow
the butterflies fly freely, forms part of my being,
because you are my sunshine among millions of stars,
but among them only you see yourself as being the most beautiful,
imagine that such clouds formed from the ground
because they feel so close it's like to float across the sky,
I want you to be my past, present and future,
yesterday today and tomorrow, thanks for being together,
Eternity in an endless in order to give without asking in return,
I want to breathe the air containing your lips,
I love you more than everything and more than anything in this world,
How can you both want? , I sometimes wonder what,
I want to see you, have you, make you mine forever
because your squatter each time that exists in my mind,
for what you left everything behind, because when I'm with you
I feel that no matter what nothing else, in a story
Fairy was perfect that nobody understands us,
this is only because our hearts want,
you time goes fast and I f***
and if not, passes very slowly and is against us,
These above what exists and what it does not go over
Apart from the words but the love is expressed with a love you.

Beyond the sun open a place,
where my dreams come true ... where you are,
I want to be my story ... because this where you are ....

They are writings, letters acts that reflect what you feel,
hugs, kisses, caresses eyes never lie,
always, I write every day in our history of our two,
we decided to call it, our room
Two your world for us,
I need to take with me always, even if in photos,
is that it seems impossible but every day I love you more
because this story is beginning, but not final,
and you've got something that makes you something special,
easy feeling, difficult to explain,

I love you! Only you and I in our perfect world,
you are so perfect that I've done nail complex
26 was the first day of the rest of our lives,
no longer know how to tell my life,
I want you to be mine forever, just you and me,
perfect our history, our history of two.

Beyond the sun open a place where my dreams
become reality ... where you are,
I want to be my story ... because this where you are ....

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