Meaghan McLaughlin

He kisses me. he says the taste is bitter.
...but i never cheat. i've never been a quitter.
don't we all have suicidal thoughts?
times seem so terrible.
don't we all get caught up, and against the wall?
whenever he starts questioning, someone starts singing
a song about it.
nothing hits home like tragedy: everyone wants
a piece of it.
he kisses me...seems always the last time, or so
i expect. love isn't free.
you reap what you sow and i know what i'll get.
don't we all have scary, confused thoughts?
times seem so abysmal.
don't we all get hung up and trapped 'tween these walls?
...nothing hits home like misery.
everyone's got their own piece of it.
some girls are romantic beyond their means.
i've heard some boys like the jealousy.
some girls confuse politics with self-respect. i've made my own bed,
and someday i'll remember why i can't sleep.


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