Like a weapon, some words say nothing,
or something like a knife.
this year's been cold,
just like when you refused to hold me,
i don't blame you, please believe this...
please believe i'm down in here,
you twist, i turn, we watch the world burning.
i see them silhouettes making their own faces.
think there is something living in the walls,
don't think i'm dreaming...
takes every movement with precaution,
knows i've been chasing.
think there is something living in the walls,
sounds like i'm breaking.
i never find right where it's coming from.
sounds like i'm shadowing...
look what you brought...this waking thought:
the devil was here.
i can still feel the haunting on my tongue.
i see them silhouettes making up their own
sort of faces in vain.
...sounds like i'm splitting in two...
wake up! you're not breathing!
(can't move these old hands at all)
wake up! it's just you twisting the twilight
up in knots.


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