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La canción 'Music' se estrenó en 2007.

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Oh, it's a wonderful, mythological world out there…
So watch your step
You might get wet…

Babylon is walking on hot coals
Scolding its feet on ignited souls
While the people in the streets
Are trying to play their role
And I ask myself why
Why they're tryin' to fit inside the mold
And they can't recognize
When their emotions grow cold
Trying to achieve
When they're losing their souls
What's going on with the people today?

Will bring you higherness
You gotta use it
When life puts you to the test
You're gonna need it
When trouble roles around the bend
Ah yeah, now

Wicked man
Even you can't be saved

Do you love the music
The way that I do it and
If you really do I wanna
See you shake and move it
We've been givin' birth to
Fat beats and fresh grooves
The best remedy for you
If you're in a bad mood

Music, music…
gonna need it need it need it…


Chorus (variation):
Is gonna make you whole
Don't you abuse it
'Cause it can help you grow
It's gonna save you
So it's time to sing out loud

Oh, ah yeah now

Wicked man
Even you can't be saved

The recipe is new
And I'm sure you'd like to know
Some of the things
I put in besides the flow
My ambition is to plant the seed
And then watch it grow
My ammunition is this track
Bumpin' through your stereo
Once I catch fire you can't turn it off again
Like a pot of boiling soup the riddim keep on bubbelin'
I gotta let it all out
No use in holdin' it in
Tell me can you feel the fire fire burnin'?


Chorus variation

Music, music, music…

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