Megan de Jamaram




Megan is coming over
At nine o'clock tonight
Megan is coming over
And that makes me feel alright

It all started one bright morning
I was just sitting on my grandma's porch and strummin'
When my sister stepped out of the door
Onto the deck and said
'Guess who's coming for a visit'
And so I tried to guess our guest
And every shot I shot was bound to miss
Ooh, aah, cut me some slack sis
Why don't you just tell me
Who we're gonna interact with
And then, when she said the name
We all went totally insane
Decided to place some phone calls
And go dance inside the rain

Megan's coming over
She's gonna bring
Good buddy girl
Some whiskey and clover


Megan is coming
Over tonight
We're gonna have a
Session alright

Ooh, ooh

Sitting on the porch trying to concentrate
Hoping that my megan won't arrive too late
Maybe I should go right out to the gate
It seems to be the best spot for me to sit and wait
For the date of my sister
Would go crazy if I missed her
My mind's made up
I've gonna have a dance with her
Even though she's so cool
That it makes me shiver
Maybe I can find a little something
I can give her
Oh I can't wait until it's nine
I gotta see her face I bet
she's mighty fine
Megan, sugar yes, you got to be mine
Even if I have to wait and stand in line

Thank you for the clover
But didn't you know that
St. Patrick's Day has long gone
Yo, it's over

Guess who's coming over
She's gonna bring good buddy girl
Some whiskey and clover


Megan is coming
Over to night
We're gonna have a
Session alright

Megan is coming over
at nine o'clock tonight

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