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Red Hot Chili Peppers

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BLACKEYED BLONDE es una canción de Red Hot Chili Peppers que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Freaky Styley.


'Blackeyed Blonde'

Pumpin' the blood through the heart of New Orleans
She's the mystic heat of the Bourbon street dream
She's just made out of flesh and bones

But let me tell you little boy
You better leave her alone
Leroy Brown thought he was bad too
'Till she left him floatin' in the old bayou

She's the kind of girl
She's built like a bomb
She's the blackeyed blackeyed
Blackeyed blond, get down!

That blackeyed beauty with the golden crotch
French electric sex a cock shocking swamp fox
Heaten queen of sleeze she's hot to box

But let me tell you little boy
She'll clean your clock
A slick and sly spy
Stuck in the muck of the moat

Blew his mind to find a diamond in the boat
Double-o-dooms day for Mr. James Bond
She's the blackeyed blackeyed
Blackeyed blond, Get down!

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