Set It Free


Letra de la canción

Set the dead free
cause its my deliverance
in this void
unspoken and unnamed
only time knows well
where I exist
centuries over centuries
in this awful emptiness
the gods left this place
this palace of pain
my private hell

Set the hate free...
all the hope I eat
and in my sweet misery -
I grew in agony
centuries over centuries
thousands souls I've raped
the cursed ones left in space
I've dreamed the sufferance

Set it free !
Set it free !
in that hot steam
the angels bleed
Set it free !
Set it free...

Set the dead free
cause its my deliverance
dwell in blasphemy
cursed are thy crapulas creeds
that makes the profane blind
I've dreamed their sufferance

Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#460)

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