Something Evil


Letra de la canción

Adrenaline pushed up the body
confused mind is flooded with pictures
targetless and restless I'm running
I don't understand -
what happened

Something evil bit me

With every move she made
she winged my fantasy
with every word she had spoken
she set my anger free
I felt it growing strong
I felt it
it devoured

And through my brain
a stabbing pain pulsated
yeah, it animated
then something snaped in my head
and the murdering started...

Red stream begun to flow
over her head - down to the neck
as my fist fuc*** her face
a demon in me took control
and her face - new formed
dead body collided with the wall
again and again
sweet headcrusch symphony

Nervosity crawls in me
as I look down to the blood
nervosity crawls in me
as I look down
to the blood

Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#460)

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