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El angel del Amor Letra

Casi Ángeles


El angel del Amor (Letra/Lyrics)


But you know do you love me?
No no no yes yes yes.
(nananananaaaa hmmmm!)

yes yes no.What not you think?
I believe that nothing has.
But I love you.
demostralo. kissed?
so if you show.
Amoooo you!

But you do you love me?
No no no yes yes yes
(nananananaaaa hmmmm!)

I love you I love you and not
can also recistir.Yo
and this can end well


Datos de El angel del Amor

EL ANGEL DEL AMOR es una canción de Casi Ángeles. Agradecemos a josefina1900 por haber sudido la letra de El angel del Amor.