Mi rosa negra de Porta

Mi rosa negra en inglés



Mi rosa negra (en inglés)

You are my rose petals black ... you are my life ..
your bones my wounds ...

You are the dark looking for light my sadness,
Your bones become petals full of beauty,
never wilted.
extremeze your body is like an unmistakable ivy ..
d never let my rose be black ..
My inconparable in this beautiful flower garden,
your black hair and dazzling desteya best jasmine.
Te escoji you for being different from the other roses,
you were unique,
protect your bones today I wear my Tunica your petals ..
Sometimes you get .. I want you to pose in a calyx busco .. because
xk sin ti see it all gray?
If your happy if I withered petals wither,
you're the reason I struggle because if you take away the life I quito ..
.. forever remember the last petal fell,
but does not accept the reality when you've gone.
. If you are not your name permanezera between my lips,
if you go d my mouth never gonna goodbye,
Kerr then you forever
forever marked my skin ..
Your color is black ink that is written in this paper.
. Narro For every kiss, every caracia, hug I gave you ..
flower dntro d .. you were my my my life you were unmistakable.
. I remember every tear off at that time ...
miramiento not accept that you lost just one time .. ace
I do not accept the ..
I throw the empty
to forget that you left on my hand and not ment to return ..
Impossible to forget but will not commit suicide ..
Clear your path, if not ..
I kill your bones ..
I kedan enough tears to fall on my retinas ..
And my will to live when your are elusive to me ..
I do not recognize avert a dead man now I'm lost ..
I want to fly OWARDS heaven and not here back when .. allas
My hope fades, we know that what is impossible ..
Just a simple friend soi ..
I dismissed the bar with this caliber d ...

Mi rosa negra mustria ... so beautiful inside and out,
Each petal is a tear drop k cualkiera ...
You are unique and the envy of all your ...
Your color is black destiñendo over d days ...
I keep you in my showcase
memory is a dead
k silent and still keeps a sense,
outbreaks in an eden in an endless ..
you feel different .. weird
xk special to me in my life .. enkajas
This difference sometimes think,
d wonder the pork your existence?
never believe in the beliefs ..
these a reality different to all others
your personality varies ways of thinking ...
You are unique, in every thousand black roses there are 3!
marginalized in society by their skin color tengod.
. .. be different or I was selfish and your cold,
just look at the garden were kise k mia!
xk? xk to the edge d extinction?
xkk? xk are so beautiful
Rozas perfection?
a heart so pure
but it seems so fragile and strong overseas dsd
but in the interior suffers from depression, death.
It is something to feel the sweet taste d blood
wind waves
their petals as a Sauze ..
apparently you're not k,
xk kiero conocerte but can not do it to me
I loko for your bones
k d is nailed my part, forms
d share my life ..
Your sweet voice whispering in my ear ..
time and my sideboard
beats .. you are an keda!

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