Holy Soldier

Letra de la canción

A Long Red Train That Has No Name
Came Rollin' Down The Track,
As If A Flood Of Bright Red Blood,
Had Been Blowin' Out The Stack.
Right On Time And Down The Line The Courier Of Souls
A One Way Ride To The Other Side Let It Roll,

[Pre-Chorus I]

Waiting At The Station The Porter Tips His Hat
I Climb Aboard The Great Reward I Ain't Never Comin' Back


No You'll Never Find Me When I Leave The World
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Behind Me And Take The Last Train
Destiny Will Guide Me As I Climb Aboard And
Finally Take The Last Train.
That Blood Red Engine Pulls A Chain Of Crimson And Takes Me Home...

The Conductor Calls For Tickets As He Slowly Makes His Way
The Man Whose Sitting Next To Me Grows Suddenly Afraid
My Heart Was Filled With Sorrow As He Led
Him From The Train And Left Him
There Among The Dead Who Were Crying In The Rain

[(Pre-Chorus II]

As We Leave The Station The Porter Tips His
Hat And In The End It All Begins
I Ain't Never Lookin' Back


Letra añadida por: Hugo777

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