Holy Soldier

Letra de la canción

The World Is Crashing Down,
Lemmings Fall And I'm Watchin' Em ' Go.
There's A Hand That's Reaching Out,
It Could Save Them But They Just Say No.

Blame, Blame, Blame, Point The Finger, Say The Name,
Blame, Blame, Blame, Again.
Shame, Shame, Shame, How We Take His Name In Vain,
But Shame Never Forgets A Face.

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But There's A Promise Of Peace A Promise Of Truth,
A Promise To Me A Promise To You.
He Knows Us By Name Like Each Grain Of Sand,
The Promise Man.

The Earth Is Run Aground, She Bought
Into What She Was Sold.
And Her Sin Without A Sound, Grew So
Big That Swallowed Her Whole.

[Repeat Pre-chorus:]

[Repeat Chorus:]

Letra añadida por: Hugo777

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