Disco 'Riot Act' (2002) al que pertenece la canción 'You Are'

You Are

Pearl Jam


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This broken wheel is coming undone
and the roads exploding
but you´re keeping me strong
rolling along with you...

Love is a tower
and you´re the key
leading me higher
when you let me in

Keeping us close,... so close
on down the line

Sometimes i burn like a dot on the sun
with no one knowing
but you´re keeping me strong
moving along with you

You are a tower of
strength to me
the darkening hour
sees light again

ooh wah,... ooh wah,... ooh wah,...ooh wah,... ooh wah.
ooh wah,... ooh wah,... you are,.. you are,..

Love is a tower
of strength to me
i am the shoreline
but you´re the sea

You are.

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