Canción 'Audi 5000' del disco 'Stone Cold World' interpretada por A.L.T.

Audi 5000 Letra y Canción


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AUDI 5000 es una canción de A.L.T. que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Stone Cold World.


'Audi 5000'

[Verse: 1]

I once knew a bitch named Mercedes Benz
Her and Lexus wanted to sex me and all my friends
Damb, You want it, You got it Toyota
I gave Impala a holla because he’s got the Mota
about a pound and so we rolled slow
plus I kept my Eyes out for Five Point O
We got to the pad about MR2,
I said I’ve never met a Jetta that was fly as you
Lexus, She was heavy as a Chevy,but it aint no thang
because we gang bang, rode ‘em like a Mustang
and I’m thinking that you got my point, I told Impala
to roll up a Corrola Joint, and then I passed out
She said I doesn’t want to trouble you
but BMW is home now,and so you asked out
and my heart started pounding I’m out the back window
Peace homegirls but I’m Audi 5000

[Chorus: x4]
dropped monte carlos, L’ Dogs(???)and Caddy Coupes

[Verse: 2]

I got a friend named Alfa Romero
Who rolled a Fiero with a girl named Camaro
and he calls her his Sidekick
but the bitch is so fly that he gotta have a big dick
we all jetted in the Jetta
then we got harrassed by a cop named Berreta
He pulled us ova in a fuc*** up Nova
then we saw my homie roll right by his name is Range Rover
He swoop on the Trooper, He’s tight with the mob
and then he made the One-Time stop
Peace homie thanks and I’ll see ya
then I got a page from my bitch Carmen Gia
“Come and pick me up” so, I go through the city
I’m ‘bout to get some ass and a hole lot of tittie
I got to her pad,and Yo!,I started pounding
I’d like to tell you more homeboy but I’m Audi 5000.

[Chorus: x4]

I partied with this oriental girl named Hundai
Who kicks it with this japanese bitch they call Samurai
I headed to the liquor store, Word!
I got a fith of Surburban and some Thunderbird
I said I’ll be right back, then I saw a friend who’s a pimp
big and black we called him Caddilac
just to tease I told my ni*** freeze
He drove a Lamborghini that cost 300 Z’s
and lets jet out to club pantera
Hatchbacks kicking it and so was Fiera
and it sounded like a switch,
I got to the club and met a snobby ass bitch
Who said I was the voice she said I was the choice
and could I please give a little bit to Ms. Royce Royce
silk sheets and my hips they were pounding
then I got the f*** out of Dodge, ‘Cause I was Audi 5000

[Chorus: x6]
[music fades away]