Canción 'Darkmind' del disco 'Darkmind' interpretada por Beto Vazquez Infinity

Darkmind Letra

Beto Vazquez Infinity

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DARKMIND es una canción de Beto Vazquez Infinity del año 2008, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Darkmind.

Letra 'Darkmind'

I see through your empty eyes
And in the darkness of your heart
I see you whispering your cold loneliness
For Ever you stay with me
You invite me to die with you
You say we should let go
But, I can't do it
I Don't understand
You say I'm slowly dying in my dreams
But you say it's great to have feelings and smile
You are an evil need in my life
And while I see the reflex of your darkmind
I Confirm that you are in agony
You are a mystery, and I can't understand
You are a darkmind
You have a darkmind

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