Holding Onto Hope

Letra de la canción

So Speak
I hear the words, I look away.
I hear your words, I turn and say.
Read My Lips
I'm done with it.
Read My Lips
I'm done with this.
I'm not as good as you think
Not as bad as you believe
There are better things
There are worse things
How can I look you in the eyes?
Then repeat, repeat!
Where is truth behind a lying tongue?
How can grace come to a failing one?
I wonder around... aimlessly searching
But all that I've found is nothing is working.
You told me again, and over again.
But I won't hear you, I'll find my own way.

Read the lines between the lines
See the life behind these eyes.
We're all seeing through the lies your leading.
You are sinking in the ship your keeping.
You give me everything, I give you nothing in return
You give me everything, I give you nothing

I know and you know, I'm a Failure, I'm a Fraud.
Leave me to drown.

Letra añadida por: ©®øsby (léø..émø)MCR (#58)

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