Holding Onto Hope

Letra de la canción

A name so familiar, A face so Keen
Side by side we walked together
Were dreamers caught by a dream
Tied by words of one another
My Escape was being together
With you I was Me.

Well time tears this empire down
We're caught beneath the shambles of what seemed so meant to be
But I'll press on, I'll press on
Memories like mountains on this journeys
Thoughts like a disease
Why break again what's already been broken?
Your so distant but I feel you pressing on me.
Is this what you wanted? Taking it from me?
The night is still, my body shakes
Change is out of reach

Tied By Miles I'll the pieces together

A love unconditional, only you only you!
A love uncondtional, only you only you!

But I'll still love you in the end cause
But I'll still love you in the end case.

You've always loved me!
You've always loved me!

I'm wearing thin, oh I'm wearing so thin
I'm about to break, about break

Wont you lend a hand? God lend me your hand.

NO I've seen this place before, face on the floor.
SON I am this love you seek, just lay your life at my feet.

Letra añadida por: ©®øsby (léø..émø)MCR (#58)

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