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Selena Gomez

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MAGICAL es una canción de Selena Gomez, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Wizards of Waverly Place.



Just drive i'm sick of talkin,
We know where this is going,
I'm done take me home,
I can't wait forever,
For you to get yourself together.
I'd rather be alone,

I'm so tired of pretending,
Just want a happy ending,

Wish i could put a spell on you,
Wish i could make you feel like i do,
Would'nt that be sweet so magical,
Wish i could flick and wave the wand,
Get everything that i ever wanted,
And put a spell on you,
And make it all come true,

You taught me what i know,
Guys like you come and go,
But i know things can change

See my heart it could be broken,
But it wouldn't stop me hoping
[repeat chorus]

I just wanna know what we should've done,
When i figure out what we could've become,
Cause i know in my heart i'm not over you,
I just wanna go back and try it again,
Turn back the time this isn't the end of us,
This isn; t the end of us 2x


[repeat chorus 2x]

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