Pour le monde del álbum 'Time on Earth'

Pour le monde

Crowded House

La canción 'Pour le monde' se estrenó en 2007. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Time on Earth

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He imagines the world
as the angel ascending
like the ghost of a man
who is tied up to the chair
and he tries to believe
that his life has a meaning
with his hand on his heart

pour le monde
paspour le guerre

and i wake up blind
like my dreams were to bright
and i lost my reguard
for the good things that i had
and the radio was sad
when you listen for good

in a hope that comes to nothing
coz the liars moved in
and they believe their own dark medicine

they act so nonchalant

but he is not a dog
perform for you in the stadium
for the world not for the war
and he wont hesitate
though it might lead to heartache
in the nightclub indigo
for the world not for the war

pour le monde
pas pour la guerre

when you listen for good
in a hope that comes to nothing
coz the liars have moved in
and they brew their own dark medicine
believing its good
behind their jaded eyes a dilemma
hes the best that you ever had
hes so low youll never know

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