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He got up very early
preparing the horns, the cafe would take
the bell rang I was ready.
were his companions went to look.
trensitas with their hair,
bn skirt with cropped are going to study.
teachers to discuss
as a good student of more timid!
during the day was a saint,
but at night
was transformed to dance
dancing like crazy,
and she kept looking guys.
I prepare for the attack,
t causes and leaves
t not stop breathing,
there is this girl is something!
double life
split personality.
carla mommy to baby defect
with that tail, if they're worth
but dancing, moving as no one can stop you
q with that tail if you like it cool.
Mommy ... dale bass, baby, are you my queen
are you my life
're a pretty baby
're carlita,
are you my girl

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