Letra de la canción

I want it, I need it, I have it.
Then I go and leave, I ditch it, I trash it
and I know why I miss it the moment i do it
its a self fulfilling promise i made to just destroy it.
Or anything that could be understood as good for me.
I guess if you called me pathetic then i'd have to agree.

Oh Oh Oh I just keep throwing
Oh Oh Oh I just keep throwing
Oh Oh Oh I just keep throwing away the best thing that happened to me.

I woke up this morning. I saw that you had called me but the
girl that I slept with is still fuc*** snoring. Wish I'd better
sense of knowing
who I hurt, I know I'm pushing all your buttons while I lift up her skirt.

Just when you leave me...That's when it hits me. It was all
my fault. No I can't defend. It's too late now, here I go again.

Letra añadida por: Mrs.McNeely

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