Letra de la canción

We're all gonna die
Whats the point
We're all gonna die
We all gotta live
So whats the point
we're all gonna die
Sometimes I don't have a choice
Sometimes I can't hear my own voice
And theres nothing much I've left to say...

Lets just turn on the radio
Feel connected to the earthly ebon flow
I don't know where we all go but it's turning me on.
It's turning me on that we may not live to see tomorrow...
It's turning me on that my last days could be with you.

We all wanna love
So whats the point
We all say goodbye...

When we fall, we'll keep our hands held high.
We'll embrace the good times while they last.
I don't know when but sooner or later its all just gonna end.
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Mrs.McNeely

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