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Algo más que música (en inglés)

More than music
... I, trolling, GENIOH, Porta, 2008, Pole Vault Productions,
RAP-flavored, good sex in the absence of this mixtape,
is something that fills me, is something this ...

Sometimes I feel, sometimes I think
know what I want and get where it is
write to emerge with my Odyssey Rap
sac was nothing particular to calm the intense
writing by me in vocation and not to please you
I feel more for this than for any art
the one that makes me mad, always more
wasting ink and blood of this happy rap game
what reaches my ears feel very kid
do not waste paper what I feel special
another thought vital flavored ink has gall
a mind space makes me feel good
not everything is as it is painted there is always some disappointment
I do not waste even a drop of ink
that would make my skin so sweet taste of honey Lyrics
I am a GENIOH but because I make magic in the role
it feels like a game you take me to this dance
my rap is like fire when I write in the air
and no one can destroy my ego
Braille writing because my love for rap is blind
points and I always give the highest grades
the hype and the box I put the willies
and that is that I am nothing without you I am a bitter memory
and for something I'm worth more I cortéis wings

I've cut down the wings each feather care
every corner of my story every idea that vanishes
only one is that my wound heals and cures
is only one reason and it is called writing
and will last forever and be my platonic love
and call it love but not understand metaphorical
it is logical to go live in symbiosis with my lyrics
with the hype, box, charles, melody and with the metric
just know that just thinking about all hours Rap
is no longer part of my life is my life
if you ask whoever you want, I will say that is what truly fills me
and I dream of being both alone
spent years of leftovers to feel so inside
you want to shout from the rooftops
and time showed me that few things last forever
and if I have learned is to know that I want
knew each tear drop or as dry
sad face every bad remedy known as
and it hurts in the soul when the scorn
is like a dagger in the crotch
I just hope that you understand that this is something more than music
each letter written to me is unique
only attempt to convey my feelings for the Rap
Trujy with me in the heart rhythm on the track

In my one true track my cell and my freedom
perhaps more than music, going beyond Rap
is my story and the soundtrack of millions
my glory, my grief in our hearts Rap
for my being is the greatest MC
I need you sir that this lig expands
is that what I just hold out for this
but I have this thing that makes me different from the rest
are pure feeling towards this culture
sleep is the hardest thing in the future where all the b-boy unite
I must be naive but I share a dream with Curri and GENIOH
the heart beats to the tops of each drum
not only passion is but one reason I stalled my deep
disconnected only when I write
I get more of what this is all that makes me feel alive
I do not want you to like me understand the role
These three letters are extended
and that the world understands this art
I can not feel that I can not stand
but once you start this and you can not leave
I put my heart body and soul in the recording of each song
I feel at peace and calm
capable of expelling a feeling not tell anyone
on the face is not valued Rap and look how that change
tell a portion of my life
the percentage is ninety percent and I can not forget
as others feel only fleeting passion
and this hurts to Hip Hop and you do not know which way
truth when I met you change everything
I can finally say that I no longer feel alone
it only gets me to sit in this way
GENIOH, Curri, Porta Hip Hop is what we are!

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