Porta - Cuento una y como 20

Cuento una y como 20
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CUENTO UNA Y COMO 20 es una canción de Porta.

Cuento una y como 20 (en inglés)

Barna am the bomb, with the Porta Malafama
micro and AmbKor heart is like the ball to Jordan
I've been great if I underpants balls fans
I am the fat of the rhymes that leave you in the shade
Oscar am and sometimes I wonder what do you do
if you have more than hos rappers in your space
reflects, bring the model that will make history
and if girls are not sluts I tell my ex girlfriend
the nail, the birth story over and about 20
and only 17 that you bring the rap collapses
no kidding, the most neighborhood xulos
gave the club yesterday and today I applaud when I go on stage
I drink to rap, Porter made Tetris
and we Pornus Track, are ways to innovate
play? we play I'll take the win
AmbKor Malafama the perfect career

They eat one and have 20, are that smart
everything just to look good in front of his people
a single track, three cracks, doing rap, is what is
at street and made you not be a checkmate pijai
as the Bay, and say, come and see how much rage
the rapers of the court's need therapy casal
I provide some say labia
I say what I have to say just at the right time
saturated, even web pages as if nothing
the guys are pigs and aunts are still sluts!
I stay on the vine with my Coke
you are going to rapstar another?
pa succeed have to queue
although unique number called me
you broke the uterus
putadon am the biggest one, for which I puteo
OK? I'm sure you know, there is no trick!
envious!, demostrao is no question of age is

Dec. 31, makes more than 20
born this MC, which Spain began to perish
NCB come from N since 9 B
at street 2007, Z A Y S E
remember this name, well, I come to tell pa
that party who shares the holder is cache
story over me like 20, come
let me tell you how many times you win
which sold wood to John that this is the pa fumase
already had a mounting malafama chickens in class
lag playing basketball that I played with the feet
rivals on the ground, is penalty or not you see?
I want to devote some words to Ivet
remember your photos slut? the rule for Internet
imagine the screen and full keyboard semen
was nominated for whore of the month
but lost because they sow, as well it was your sister
commented when you want what we did in your bed
I'll give names after I criticize
hhgroups then if you do not step piques
the causes of this requiem is not explained in paper
is the life of a nobody who transformed into Zaysan
Bazzel is that if I am Pikachu rat as Splinter
while you give the Tekken I ride this well

Story over me like 20, come, consider this rap
I'm guilty or innocent
Porta Malafama run and tell your people
or better go home to think of something witty

Greeting the finger at Kanis Park
PISP their girlfriends that's happened since the raper
I reviewed them as they are browsed
do not scratch it if your sister prefers me as a lover
if not you calling me lame is because I feel like
I will tell you not listen but do not think anything
if you tell me your stories do not expect you to understand
pass from small to get into clubs
of alcohol, pastis, the rulas of Cleco
preferred staying at home listening to the high school
if I caught them down at the Montana park
leave marks around the neighborhood with my face templates
that is 20 Megabytes, pu*** shit
left on the ground, the name of the Sierra
sudan his moves me each with their area
my respect for all 2007 Barcelona

I have malafama for doing so handsome
F*** you very talkative mouths I plates
is that pasareis good time with this track very sure
this is what I have creidisimo competitors, no?
I am one of the MCs, Fido
monitors and eating a 20 because you have to play
bastard, be superficial is the sweat
each comment, when in doubt, the most buxom
I call the mobile phone is broken,
080 always ahead of others, we dream big
I am a pasota, leaving the broken rock without pleasure
I'm good "? maybe, but do not want to swear
the world is a failure with both clown
anyone ever get my last drop that fills the cup
step and also the Myspace Messenger
Internet Acabare removing and deleting my Hotmail
I'm not special, not one more, just do rap
play with me is playing with fire and you'll burn
to hell conseguireis not stop this, it goes!
I was like 20 and I count one, unlike the rest!

I follow, are 3, the trident, which chose the RAP against stress
we are good not you see?
we are men who put backwardO'nt,
your move to make this a get output for end of month
pleasure is not shit, is able to make cucumber pa
without re-think your way with MP3 sound
an ex? will always fuckable
Porta already said and if I say so, is no longer questionable
9 B remains on your computer am on 10
I move by passion, not per ticket or interesting links
I rap from the heart and give but what you see
I get to where you AmbKor estes
you prefer to tell you what I feel or what you have
story 1 and as 20 no better trident

Story over me like 20, come, consider this rap
I'm guilty or innocent
Porta Malafama run and tell your people
or better go home to think of something witty

Porta, AmbKor, Zais

what the P A and Z to see if piyais, eh you still, say you say it your
see who is the initials ....
Porta AmbKor Zais, you know ... PEACE ... is simple it is grace .. grace ..
pa who have not understood how eh?
come, ale anda que no

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