Grans! Beze! Porta! Not dead sons of bitches! 2008,
say! than! Beze!, Grans!, Porta! 2008, he was dead?
come!. This is Hip-Hop! than!

In this game you are winning too many points,
Chungos many rappers with artificial voices,
half of life is not sold to us,
his claim that they see are the only real
and they'd better! because the public is very demanding,
but is more consistent so that you can not do,
are more witty eh minds of 16 and then is that Queis,
that others do not hear insane
write constant mind!, my notebook is my diary
your rap is clear that the lyrics are secondary,
want to be! I'll make your street!?,
if, if you speak the street because you always!?
rock boasted too much talent,
speaking on this motion as if it were their own,
Pavement will change with new was that imitation,
life, street, not out of his life, they are the children of family
middle and upper class, wealthy lives, and speak with life
misery if not? boy cousin, cursing the sponsor is, and you
Ravo back to between the legs and monastic,
righteousness and not call the right attitude,
if this is the new school under the 90 I prefer a good
Sound to good rhyme matter content,
only matter as it sounds, this flow carcinogenesis,
pointers casino, your violent? que va! only an attempted murderer,
I'm a roly de son and my girl is a groupie,
rappers van de snoop dog and fail or snoopy!

They can not kill what makes me feel alive!
Hip-Hop Resusita every inch as I write!
If this is not rap for you not what your concept!
They say he is dead and is not what you are killing sierto
from within!

After twenty floor MCs be enemies,
I know this is true! Come by my no more witnesses,
Grans is my friend and although in the past,
I criticized him eh eh eh apologized and RECON
matais not rap are killing my patience,
but stick after stick and provide my resistance,
and shit it makes me think I have pistols,
cars and tip? if in the GTA haha!,
Midel! will create the creme de la creme
and they give you if you think you're a 50cent
who is going to hit the more you sweat if indeed
You're nothing but a mask but will not,
with the reality of truth Siqueiros more?
looking for fame! ami and fame I do not care!
I offer labels and accept no!
not for music or for enamirar for Apollo,
yo ago rap dirty 4x4 and even so it gives me,
I show in this ensesto your basket!
soon rest with the gift of speech!
I return to it fresh if it is spent!
perfect as a macabre resctos rest!
Much bling bling and mcuho Jollas postisas,
everyone knows who is the captain of the ship nodrisa
I climbed the charts, light up a fuc*** repellent
you're a bunch of clothes and shit and me the heart of people,
question on the street which is the musca they hear the b-boys,
whore the noise, listen today, I give the fight,
and the passage that I recorded my work in vain,
pa used to beg my hat in the park!

They can not kill what makes me feel alive!
Hip-Hop Resusito every inch as I write!
If this is not rap for you not what your concept!
They say he is dead and is not what you are killing sierto
from within!

They say he is dead but just another rumor
Hip-Hop as a lifestyle, a passion,
is love! eh me back but never gone aviation,
and acknowledge now if I say Hip-Hop llegao him to his hour,
R-A-P for its friendly feel, sit! hear me,
M C I am and sere asta la muerte! I do not believe in luck,
you tell me you fear? if you have balls on my own gritame
game, boy with pistols and with cool poster,
I'm not that stereotypical rapper who thinks with his ass,
or cancel your lyric, I do not need fists to send clicnica pa,
I have a gun the word mental ability that you do not utilisés,
I give you a psychologically Palis, this has to evolve quickly,
Hip-Hop if it will kill you algundia dies with the rules,
which you create and you believe that it is not your fault? lack of arguments,
is the reason why insult respect is lacking in our
streets, if you have nothing to give you better streets,
you lend me the attention I am screams that you ask I can
change the course of what he was writing, and I'm here,
to infuse another opinion, you all in the palm,
have in your hands the election, the desicion is tulla,
which is the way! Say it loud! high thinking! Direct your horn,
Compact and buy my feelings touch with millions of people,
quedate thinking about this letter and reflection

They can not kill what makes me feel alive!
Hip-Hop Resusito every inch as I write!
If this is not rap for you not what your concept!
They say he is dead and is not what you are killing sierto
from within!

They say he is dead and my reputation I abala,
super modern and Flipper criticize the bad,
I never think about what I sell when I write in my notebook
but do not know if they speak not fire bullets,
do not know rapper and have found alternatives,
to admit that writing is the least of rhyme,
alla while bottles of grams and a dig, do not look
conprensible we hear is, "Devemos respect each
one has his style of your tactics but evntas me parese super
then do not say that 50 cent is not, tell me when the real kicks
your CD come and say it! facha gangzta tactics of the cren or not at home!, is what
going to turn this music on your farce
as you see I saw this course collaboration rapstar hiso first thing was
reach out and ask for pasta! you do it wrong on purpose with commercial intent,
comaercial underground because you can not,
conosemos all state that someone behind bars
and that someone in the street does not pluck his eyebrows
culture and this call is full of educated,
then put it hard when they think with insults,
hahaha see you do not know what you do not wear green
in forums or added to myspace
you do not have fame salts in the media talk about drama
and your life is comedy but wishing to sound fresh sounds
fresh prince! are only samples were sunny skis
fuente: musica.com

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