Here the thing is very different than in the other media
blood sweat and demonstrate not guarantee the respeeto
not be afraid to defend what is yours
sometimes you have to break your face with the typical pimp capu

We must start to bud
The Liars, the head blanket
Following is choosing not to fall prey to laziness
Straighten your way if you slip
He walks upright and steady while the rest is for

In order to silence the word is not always enough
EMSI is being captivate the most demanding
and lose that out of 100 who love 2 hate you
do not know why but they are involved in your trayctoria

Ridiculous what you think history is not
Friends of this evaporate between oboes
Above the tables man that's what counts
Your words fly if my wind increases should

Must earn the respect bestial content
should give you as if by boa or universal
tansolo influences the contract, understand?
decide what is best for me for you would be a sellout

Sold, whores who boast that they are not and,
Because nobody gives a clear hard for you,
If you talk about respect but never practiced
And critics, because they sting

equal respect is gained is lost
playing well the cards that you keep under your sleeves and surprises
At this point the respect should be unnecessarily
you can not do what you have to be another slave

I sweat a turkey turnip after the years you see that,
You nailed the daggers that yesterday was your host
As refreshing yourself, and learn from your mistakes you know
True to what you believe and true to how you do

And you do well x fear of what others may think it's normal, no?
Do not be misled by what he says with a moron
pints of incompetent imposibbe please all
Have a sublime disc or make perfect bowls

Men perfection does not exist to the callus at work
Under the light of the flexo connecting the unconnected,
Sex with the folio need your touch and who is willing,
The rest is an incest

Be modest and honest in this
Keep your job can always teaches you something and the rest
sweat of going to judge it, remember that there are no rules here
and my balls you are not going to be the one that put them

I'll be off to the limited excitation
With the ink on the sheet, a rookie who drowns when lame
The mic in a room full and vein is loosened,
He remains silent and red more than a rioja

I do because I feel it and some do for leisure
I swear that this is just another business
and I screwed up, it hurt, much more than ati joder ami
I assure you not accept it after discovering

I'm not dealing with whores who can not account
Not with, wolves, disguise yourself of Ants
Respect given work and work takes time
Take the tools and give the correct use

nobody works for free, they'll see it works well
now rap is pure e-n-v-i-d-i-a
if you are a nobody like ati it gives you true?
not have to choose between compliance or your future in the rap

No future in my culture if you have no respect
That everyone knows you do is real
And another thing boy, will they like
But you do not place your rap is a lie

This culture is closed and you hear your fault
Fayos but find excuses because you have to invent?
good lyrics, structure, flow, style, voice, no secret
no one is perfect and must be why there is no respect here.

[Soma chorus)
As you win you lose,
're a scavenger looking for bait
As you lose you win it bitch
ZPU does what he feels without armor
As you win you lose let's get a muzzle and gag
As you win it you lose it fuc*** big mouth
Porta did not want to drink your 2 cups


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