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I stand with Bazzel, Nayck and Cloud,
I'm Porta and they know me from my previous show.
Overflow flow, my voice brat, okay what?
What do you pissed that you founded a kid of 17?
It's not about age, I think it was very clear,
ready, again, upped the ante, you see that there's rap pa 'time.
Soma is in the device pa 'jaw-dropping,
if you want to really freak out, go, come to my concerts.
Are you drooling like me playing Final Fantasy,
or Dragon Ball, grab a pen and paper syntax.
This is what I have spare domain and lexicon,
I lie down like dominoes, I f*** your style millimeter.
Your metric I know little flushed with rap,
I wear the mask and I'm the beast of the deity,
like in Zelda, I want to sows sexy,
the issue of girls liked all Mogollon.
Nothing is given the hint and goes pa 'almost all,
I'm not sexist but reggaeton is for Mongol.
A former always fuckable, and my sentence is legendary.
Zara see the hysterical girl, not a matter of aesthetics.
You're on your fashion? You want to be super rappers
then throw yourself into a forum and criticadme no criteria.
Envy is bad, your rap pimp have a cate,
I know very well that your life has suspends mates.
Flipo myself, my style surprised (I am only)
I do shadow over charging for collaboration absurd
the second is the first to lose, this is the show of four,
this is my turn, rap accurate, I cast free, so, they share.
Get excited, there are mistakes in your English exam.
My weight, despite all, gold is equal to my intellect,
I leave the penis straight, Wahoo, I get in your ear,
going to freak out with the rap that we bring, gentlemen, nothing is matter of age.

[Chorus (x2)]
Bazzel, Porta, Nayck, Cloud, we are the 4 raptásticos.
4 against all, breaking your classic style.
is central, close your mouth,
explicit rap, we leave out your typical style.

spares, your top I feel sorry
your most intimate lime rhyme,
Mascara please, dry off the janitor in my tablecloth
with Bazzel, Porta faithful cómeme the Cimbrelo, new school.
Alert, for sale, your ass is on offer,
I was born in the nineties, faces,
my young age income, evasive, passive rhyme
and so will, as a means of defense.
Offense're the elite,
I give you more laps than a satellite,
well before jumping to jump the enamel empálmate,
Porta, Bazzel, Nayck and Cloud, checkmate for your delight.
This is not your show Turman, deride,
sudan you think the Sultan,
and you loose this instrumental're banal,
malfunctioning of difference your differential.
Then you become stagnant, every time you choke rhymes,
take your cock in the mouth,
if so then he's breasts, to give no more,
are mutually lick your ass crew of blankets.
So everyone is happy in your environment,
I am also the body that you temper plasma,
and if you do not like my rap you lie,
Chust yours is a man, your flow's scary.
Acknowledge to be modern at first glance,
going from progressive hesitate
for recording tracks and stink,
reveal more when echáis nap.
A whole wafer, look, I know it sounds beast
if you mount your battles lie not to fall to the first,
go scene, das embarrassment,
to take the ass, I was swells the vein.

Four egos knocking your stereotypes
busting the baffles,
although, you know, birds of prey, flying away from your lares,
flamboyant rhymes, verses lace.
Despicable lies in juggling,
Criticisms and cowering you, turn and hit,
the tempo and I are enserio
in the shit that's on your stereo.
Rapattack create your colegueo arrhythmia,
Nayck call me or something,
international brands me sweat,
mortattack provoked, suicides every day.
Because of my rap, I play with the verses,
and that they are overwhelmed,
representing new school, your attempt sudo,
f*** me any of your minions.
I come to leave it with me, to leave it with me embroidery
while you can still anchored,
say you're not inspired,
and it's any excuse not to measure yourself in this county.
All the shit you see my side pulls,
openly, I f*** your crew and oil flow,
I curro me to your garments garrulous,
not measurable and I am a soul uncontrollable.
It is detestable to see you on the street, your shit you spit
sudo if I want I get on a stage,
and ride you a number, me curro
and get where I am without a fuc*** ass licking.

[Chorus (x2)]
Bazzel, Porta, Nayck, Cloud, we are the 4 raptásticos.
4 against all, breaking your classic style.
is central, close your mouth,
explicit rap, we leave out your typical style.

You fool, do hesitate about your age? Come and go,
your rap passes through my ass and throw it down the toilet.
MC and you do not know what that means,
four against all the fairies of your surgery.
To your girl gets bitten by the throat,
is because it chokes on the tip of my prick,
very sow your girlfriend added me to MSN,
I said he was lewd and wants a sip of my penis.
Cupid spit from glory,
I shit in love, and the bitch of my ex-girlfriend,
dress preppy rapper, I'm crazy you,
just suck it bitch, sow, wipe your mouth.
I am a brush that makes you handsome
you blush and you wet your pants at my red turnip
There are many fools who comment stupid things in forums,
My demo is crap, but yours is for the deaf.
You are my fan and you're good, better pa 'mi,
here if not f*** or suck you put me not to admit.
The suck to get maxis, have sexy chochos,
suck in the taxi and then, where do you get the billets?
I started rapping old enserio this autumn,
since I hear, just think with the crack,
honey, it always comes from within your beauty
only f*** you if you wear a bag over his head.
Your reviews are so typical to feel sorry to read,
criticism could be classified into topical sluggish,
you're bad in rap and taking antidepressants,
If you make your demo, just put dots.
Nasty girl, if you suck and you're a slut either,
or call here if you want to eat cock for breakfast:
(This is the number of Bazzel, nymphomaniac child here,
if you're a slut and I love her sucking, leave a message after the beep.
If you're a guy, sorry, I'm fuc*** your girlfriend




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