Mas que un sentimiento de Porta

Mas que un sentimiento en inglés



Mas que un sentimiento (en inglés)

They are only feelings ...
What is inside me ....
It is RAP!
It's what I feel,
what is asleep
which takes into
what you get out
is what I feel
in verse
is more than rap
is our truth ...
It's pure feeling,
I need to do rap
because it fulfills me more
than you can imagine
because two Hs are my life
and it always will be
are pen and paper hearts
is that never left me.
It's not rap for doing something
is rap because I feel
because this is just
I live every moment
because feelings plasmo
in verse
I write every line
is to give life to my notebook.
Is the book of my history
each page is a day
because rap gets away from the monotony
this is my world
the only world they want,
because to be happy
not need your money.
And I like being a prisoner of rap
I need nothing more
to be in my reality
away from evil
who just want to see my final
goes beyond rap
What this really feels.
Poque there is always a dead feeling in that heartbreaking,
but rap REVIVIO that feeling and hit pieces,
of the heart,
that only beats for their cause
when the charges kick inside to stay on hold,
no longer have standing because walking to tell
because rap is my way of escape and get away from all evil
every feeling that comes from my pen is sincere
the role is to listen to the heart of the first
I give it all, and look another
I am an enigmatic
I write him feel alive, this is magic!
the first is the rap in person,
the rest goes after
for me because rap
and days after
when resist step
strange things happen
I have to wear foundation, pen, paper
Wherever You Go
is that nothing, nothing and nobody,
qeu get leave after this life
Rap is my labyrinth, my imprisonment, my jail
but also my departure.
It is more than a feeling
goes beyond rap,
is something that takes into
and no one will snatch
is nothing but empty words that are used to fill
our beginning and end
rap never fail us.
Pleymovil was what you buy pleymovil
to see movies snap,
mother is not so strange to leave the institution by the rap
is the dream that you have a child, and nobody removes
feel the beat of rap
when my heart beats
I always accompanies rap
from the morning sun
until the last yawning brings me to my bed
for you recreational
for me is something more serious
He learned more of hiphop
that class and school.
How much anger, hate and love
I wasted in the roles
hiphop love me back
I got robbed women
was my only company
my only hope
so I desbanezco when the ink is spent.
Spent, and my heart becomes pale,
I'm scared because my one is missing a panic,
dear diary I write but not how to start
Ojas your calling me
and mine is beginning to fade.
Find tears in pages
leaving the marks of the drops,
few sentences enshrined in the blog notes
we spent together
many intense phases
rap thanks I owe you more than what you think.
How many times I've cried
and have destroyed the papers
how many nights did ablandole only my fuc*** walls
but few smiles you gave me (bis)
I want more you want,
wanted to rap, more than you ever wanted.
Words, problems, all Yaze in my mind,
I can not help always to write constantly,
which warrior
try not to humiliate above,
a pen and paper birth will see all my rhymes
to write, my body is transformed,
the heart is the boss,
in my mind which leans
of what I write,
or for what I write,
feelings are not words
which crop out of me.
represent what I feel
is anger, is pain, or my complaints,
what I have inside, not even I know,
It was this feeling, I hico MC.
You know why? (Because!)
I like to convey that people can hear me,
and knows more than me,
through my cries,
through my heartbeat
that play when you get to start their 5 senses,
With that enough for me, I am too happy
rap only makes me change
I see color gray
write a lot, and nothing affects me
everything happens to me
the pen point me in plasma.
The day you decide to stop writing,
be the day that my soul no longer wants to be here.
And is that a hihop taken,
every thorn that rankled,
and everything has always given me nothing.
You are what you most want,
my only company,
because the rap for me is like my second family,
sentimietno of hatred, anger, phobias, love, pain, sadness
envy, joy which would I be without you.
My happiness, my are my cancer and AIDS
Running through my DNA as nda,
these in my skin, my soul
you are my death and life, doi thanks for my disease
EPATITIS, rappp.
It happened to me many things, and all have suffered,
these are the feelings which I experienced
smell, sight, touch, taste, and also heard
but my rap is my best sense
Few understand this is the feeling that never goes out
light guide me a way to the end of the page,
I have no fear, always be with me,
is that you are the only reason I'm alive

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