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We can not prove that what we experience is real
but the reality for me is what your eyes see,
you believe in.
what your heart feels

l really varies
according to those who see jos
some do not want to accept it
and so their eyes closed
is blind to what is apparently real
because it refuses to accept that this is the real truth
I live in a world of everything deema aislao
in paranoia so deep that I can not think
this is my reality
just write what I think
I feel like a stranger
and inverse parallel world
is where I live
it is as if there
I wish it were all wrong
and the world cease
I disagree with more than half of this world
but this world and real as your dream stan deeper
tell me what is the reality
if we do not know if what we experience is really real
and think a little about all this
You shall have a theory or reality
and art is true
I'm strange
I ask questions that is not nobody
live in the clouds where every day is a different matrix
I never nuinca Amelia and the Wonderland
where nothing is perfect and where no light shines
time passes and runs so fast
not expected
neither looks backwards
I despair a tic tac
I'm within four walls
creating imagination
states that reality is a fiction parente
and today a look
It is reason to kill
selfish and hateful world
where you have to be forcibly
endure whatever comes
take everything over
you sometimes comes bajon
and the next day you forget
and that everything bad happens to my
because sera?
for being so good maybe I am stupid
and no account I had dao
and I hear the cries and screams
After a long silence
do not let it rest
the sun with a vacuum
are paranoid
I believe in a parallel world
where land and sky
together to fulfill dreams
if there is a paradise
but only in your cbeza
reality varies depending on whom see

l really varies
according to those who see jos
some do not want to accept it
and so their eyes closed
is blind to what is apparently real
because it refuses to accept that this is the real truth

live in nothingness
my reality is shit UnMundo
where parties Sonlar shit and laws that govern the planet
that gradually becomes ruins
reality soon
will only be ashes
some people believe in fairies
some people believe in ghosts
hayquien believe in god jesus
and the nonexistent toodo
at least for me
I believe in my in my realidd
that everything is shit
where the truth lies
if in my hands estubiste
almost all exchange
animal skin
remain in their cuerops
not be based on money
the third world would live
and happen to be first
and this reality
made me suspicious of life
many years and looking for esasalida
not know how bad it is spent
loq uiero more compassion
I live in the twilight
I now step from reality
step of their lies
step to further explore
solutions without measures
I live in a superficial world
where nothing matters
so I get by with rap
this bitch so short history
never fulfill your dream
I was already sick of dreaming
is the rap that made me strong
mourn no good
asi qeu started to smile
and to throw eggs at all
and I'm here
in the same reality that all
I accidentally lost trying to find love you
real reality where only goodness would
where there are more false
and do not hide the truth
change everything
so that world will be peace
unfortunately auqneu
the reality is for all laisma
aunqeu see it from different floors
only wrong
perfection as you can see there
and it pisses me off is that acetal
sad reality

you paint your reality things your way
rts but hides truth
a truth that nobody likes to accept
but is there
all we see
auqneu eyes cerremoslos
a reality full of dreams and hope
where everything is perfect
where there are all finite and infinite
which distort the truth
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