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Corazon, pen and paper, are the only thing I have left,
my companions,
a hard journey, a long way ...

That is what you feel, your heart to wake up?,
seeing a mind thinks, but does not make you mourn,
my soul calls me one thing and my head again,
but I go by the heart for supporting me.
He understands each and every one of my feelings,
coupled to the pen and paper, writing heart,
story in every verse you what for me is my life
I write with all my love because HipHop is my lair.
To escape from everything, I love this,
simble a paper and a pen, I differ from the rest,
are my faithful friend, my faithful companions
with a heart that writes together with her lifelong lover
Which is called soul, undresses at night,
leaves your body to resolve your concerns,
and write, write to a heart asleep
that beats too slowly to the rhythm of every sound.
It is more than rap, to me is even more than a feeling
for me the pen and paper go beyond money,
is that for me the HipHop means almost everything,
my world, my conpañia, with'm never alone.
And I do not lack anything, just give me a pen,
den accompany or paper in order to feel alive,
to feel confident, strong and good company,
only needs the Hip Hop and a heart to me.
So if I write, is only because I want to tell you something,
nomas songs empty, stop your blank page,
cuantame a story that narrates your heart,
and not directing your head, please log in reason!.
Leave a blank mind, really like out alone
plasmal grab your pen and all over the folio,
is my world, my universe narrated on a notebook,
heart, pen & paper, HipHop is my eternal love.

Corazon, pen and paper, narrates each feeling,
heart, pen and paper out what's inside,
time invested in your dream, your illusions,
put a paper and a pen, write your heart. (x2)

Seeking a light to guide me in this darkness,
I'm still looking for people who really love me,
I want as I am, not how they want to be,
not for who I am, if not my person creates.
I just feel support from pen and paper,
because the heart helps to overcome moments that taste yel,
I am a distrustful, recognize!,
and sometimes to my approach desconosco.
Because my head often acts without thinking?,
without consulting the heart what could happen,
and sometimes I wonder, "What would I be without you?"
is that I do not even imagine that the way forward.
And is that a smile, a cry, depend on the heart,
I'm excited that depends on different situations,
narrate every second, every feeling in folios,
just try to be happy and write, narrate episodes.
Fantasies, dreams broken, ringing in my melodies,
the pen and paper are my only company,
day to day I still here for the HipHop and myself,
for not wanting to falter, never to Avisma Lanse.
And is that if I follow the road, only is vostros,
because I was overcome difficult obstacles,
I slowly opened the way, step by step, letter by letter,
of falls learning to lift, not to pack.
No surrender, no escape from the problems and address them,
Instead of sending him to persist in most of the devil
go forward as hard as it is
must fight to win and swim against the tide.
One must be strong and rely on what they really think,
I will continue telling stories, counting all the paper,
each verse dedicated to my real friends
heart, pen and paper, always be with me.

Corazon, pen and paper, narrates each feeling,
heart, pen and paper out what's inside,
time invested in your dream, your illusions,
put a paper and a pen, write your heart. (x2)

Hearts, pen and paper ...
Are embodied in feelings ...
This is what I feel ...
These are my companions ...
I know they never fail me ...
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