No es cuestión de edades - Bienvenidos a mi show

Bienvenidos a mi show
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Bienvenidos a mi show Letra

Yeah! Welcome, this is not a question of age
Porta, Barcelona 2006 with stellar appearance:
MiZoK from Cordoba, Samo and Dan from Bilbao,
Fado, Abraham from Alicante,
Cansino, ZPU, Pumpkin, Shinoflow, Jack and Syra from Barcelona,
In the rhythms my name is Soma,
Xinkoa around, Nikoh, Style Suciah and JML.
Representing in each zone,
Dj Datz command there is rap,
Rapture message, rap competition
For all courses,
Open to all ages,
For all the rock, this is my rap.
So it sounds.
I'm back.

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