Dispuestos a dar el golpe
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Dispuestos a dar el golpe Letra

I have every reason
I write, pa close the mouths of the plague in a manner that is in my city
am that which
said he is not uploaded
I do not value the rap for not putting scratches do not know what I mean?
you can bruise your great balls
Long Pond tread white face reason why I write
the rock with which I have never spoken
the rap tabloids and was demonstrated
books to conquer the field of tranqui yo yo yo
of any mud aprato
in short time be the record straight
That'll take care of your models protect rare
there is not anything here, so long that you hope an LP
if the lyrics here are already jokes LP
this is personal relief and point 5 minutes
firing to kill the cute pa

Eh I returned with a blank page
saw the slaughter begin
with a base of cubase
phrases you
the false vacuum
not expect to fail
I'm the guy who batio, batio
from the same
the courts of the courtyard
not reach me because I am on another level lyric
keep talking shit behind his back and without cause
I still firmly in charge of healing to script
I keep mine with a bell
dragging these microbes
many moons without burning the notebook to sleep
I go out when they are speaking without knowledge
invest time in this
I suplevo
without touching the eggs
convert letters stories
where everyone is dead
time after finishing the compas
think they already know you do not feel so great
Casique here to view
without complex
but as complex
that a level of pentium
I find it far close

Samo and brought Dan and rhymes from the north
Darko makes you shiver when you're with a cut
no surprises there
letters to the table
retabucion always despite my best defense
I give my hand but I never make pacts
my style is different but that does not carry a cacko
I am a hacker and pack in your room spit micro gene
with an accurate flow
uff fresh
Once there I
my name is silver
and on the street always time
I with my brother
with a microphone in his hand
Claim improvising bases

I entered the competitive
while your competitors strips
f*** I'm back pa
to see you fall into the toilet
and flush
I get tired of drinking my ass
I take hip-hop in his veins
if calling thulium
I write what I see and think
that there much dead yokel
MC leave this lame to you call this alphabet
question is vacileo
I defend this guy
in some of these verses
see them dead is my great desire
languages are so acidic that prepares your gravestone
if you're suicidal
your tongue will be your rope
I have too much saliva
to cushion your fall
make your criticisms
I splashed your shit fag
Forum amarrao without accord
I leave you lame awarded quasimodo
you delete the map
I run this item
I want you to clear
darko is my nickname

Hip hop my move, just a feeling
hardcore rap to continue listening to right now
with a precise flow, narrated at sixteen
I'm workaround and I'd dwarf the nail
fit into each drum in each box
paragraph dealt with because I have an advantage,
I heard that you played with my rap straws
you keep doing those,
Do you really run with my rap? my rap that you learn
Porta Rap group representing my Command
with Samo, Dan, Silver and Darko loans you still fuc***,
flying through the sky are the top performing
we cut the wings because we are already very high,
away from your rap out of your colegueo
you know I'm in the clouds and from there I see you and greet you
you look so small you know you've arrived here without a fuc*** ass licking

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DISPUESTOS A DAR EL GOLPE es una canción de Porta. Agradecemos a damiuru1992 por haber sudido la letra de Dispuestos a dar el golpe (en inglés).