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El jugador también forma parte del juego
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I play a game,
listen carefully,
no rules.
The game begins.
Today you woke up without knowing where you were,
embarrassed at all,
looking for something that could not find,
death is everywhere,
can not escape the fate,
you write your story leading with a road,
Your room is becoming increasingly smaller,
feel that loneliness that accompanies you every night,
See that darkness that creeps into your light,
because you nowhere and you do not know there yourself.
Between nothing and everything flows only time your hear cries ring hollow as an echo dead
no shoulders for to mourn,
only four walls that do not leak like a spider prey among networks,
the stress takes over your body,
Now is when we really should start to fear,
your tears,
settle down in silence,
hope becomes smaller and the stones do not want to fire.
We consume.
Faith is not enough of you,
you are moving in the shadows that guide you to the end.
Leave here is up to you,
well you know,
search for clues,
key piece of the puzzle here is the key.
You're going crazy,
admit it,
're a puppet,
a game of someone unscrupulous
your acts make you start from scratch,
and the player is also part of the game.
Crying, screaming, spider wall,
you despair,
hungry and thirsty;
is something beyond you.
Knowing that you're nobody and nobody can help
to be someone you should think about it before playing.
Bet everything on one card,
not value anything,
having everything in your hands,
later pa 'correct,
Shit! Your destiny is to be alone in this infinite darkness,
maybe you appreciate your life if you go live in this item,
is difficult when there are guidelines to follow,
orders to fulfill,
if you want to live you will have to suffer,
death is everywhere,
she escapes,
This is where you really feel that life is beautiful.
I do not remember a loved one.
Want to be a nightmare,
and sheets are the ropes that you get caught,
attempts to escape despite your fatigue,
steps you are back
going down steps,
instead of uploading
for you, time stands still,
but the needles are in progress as always,
you are confused,
alone in a place that nobody knows
're shaking,
hear voices and you fear the unknown.
There is only one exit and not within reach,
look for it,
in this darkness,
how much blood spilled.
Time is running out,
live or die,
decide quickly or die slowly
have to choose.
Put on your side
you are going way to perdition,
now truly suffering,
lie to get attention.
Did you kill yourself and die when you no longer want,
when death touches you is when you appreciate what you have.
this sick mind wants to play,
if only in order to be able to help
you'll thank me someday
I assure you,
the rules are simple,
only have a minute.
I enjoy seeing you in the dark,
You remain locked until you die,
How does it feel in your place?
I'll see as you rot,
a pawn in my dash
time is not checkmate,
end of this game.
End of game.

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