Niñas zorras and reggeatonto de Porta

Niñas zorras and reggeatonto en inglés



Niñas zorras and reggeatonto (en inglés)

Wow, look at that pint, you're a very kinky girl,
Is not it, if if your intention is given to you,
that's what you want, Oh, you're a flirt and a
slut, you die of want and do not mind who
of you because you have no dignity, and that puts you right?

Tu, tu, tu, tu eres bitch like all other
Well just looking to f*** fat cocks
In a luxury hotel or in the glove compartment of a car
In daylight or preferably at night
Do not care if he is ugly, if he is handsome
Only you care about your dick, na 'size matter most
The typical far this saint and that he wanted all breast
Without knowing that breast all, his nickname is cometrancas
Imposed by their lovers, why?, For being such a bitch
Showing her cleavage, why? for this run was
It sounds unpleasant but it is true that this
The youth of today will only be fixed in a body
Love is based on deception, even in disappointment
In putting the boy who loved horns have mercy
And you're another whore, just as a child
Understand that you make me sick with your Malibu with pineapple
In your favorite album always pulling the rod
Let's see if some idiot bites on your big spider
Use of bait pa 'win your most reliable weapon
Exciting neckline and a very short miniskirt
Implying you're a prick tease
if you're so beautiful, tell me that only with ugly f***?
You most mature being just a niñata
Want to be as they are all narrow-minded

[Chorus] (x2)
Girls, girls today are whores,
Girls just want sex, alcohol, drugs and partying
The girls want to leave and be girls
Mom and Dad Contrólenlas hope that the quarrel

Your children will leave home just massaged
They want to be beautiful, dressed as schoolgirls go
Never leave without her purse or his whores pinturita
They want to go everywhere as pretty little princesses
porcelain, blondes, brunettes are all equal
Redheads more of the same, no matter the ages
going well, I forgive him for not distinguishing
Only you love pa 'compete, pa' to see that bitch wins here
To see who is the slut of the whole gang
In particular is aimed at those sluts pijillas
to occur for allegedly pa 'fuck you see the Pacha
or find some facade that handles and make the reverse
Vas as Cuba, you start to soak your knickers
At home you expected a fight potato and shit you
Was that he wanted to f***, but may not be,
In such a bitch tonight for you to stay without pleasure
And punished, f*** you without leaving one months
Call your ex that you visit and climb out the window
Only you're a dwarf you throw whatever
You're ugly but you are good, and think you're perfect
You're just looking like Barbie's Ken tail
You go girl playboy girl cock whore that you are given
Sueles f*** without a condom and also with strangers
You'll have a baby kick drum, AIDS and zero husbands
Blonde pot, chocho morenote
comeme slut the dick that makes you rubbing
It's 11 pa bed to bed with fame
Only you're a slut and nana girl in pajamas

Girls, girls today are whores,
Girls just want sex, alcohol, drugs and partying
The girls want to leave and be girls
Mom and Dad Contrólenlas hope that the quarrel

The girls and is a former always fuckable
Girls'll spend a little nice
Girls, my saber swallow whole
The girls of today are all sluts

Aha here is the holder, against those of
Reggueton of reggetonmania tonton What to do?
If, uh, what happens? Will move, wiggle around, get
the slut, I ... look, look ....

Move your hips, baby, move your hips
Do not you know that I get? To see if mature babe
Suck slut dancing, crouching in the Pacha
looking for a dark buff who can do the reverse
The reggueton makes you stupid ass rubs cock
And you will see that fun, your mental void coefficient
Go to the disk pa 'triumph, pa' dance with a Don Juan
You are the center of attention whore "pacharán babies?
Show me the thong, take off your shirt, "dance bitch?
Sure, I have to be good, or be a rapper and wear a cap, no?
Go to fashion, being the way you cool,
In this club you're the one that controls
Let us all and platoon toquémonos
Let's get to 100, sudemos together mojémonos
Tequila, sex drugs, alcohol, is what moves today
If you have three meters between women triumph
Smokes, drinks, possibly wet your shirt
See what you direct your cleavage or breasts
back to ignite the gasoline by Daddy Yankee
I put the squeaky voice and I'm going to tranquis
"Give more gasoline, give it more gas"
I do not care if you've screwed a 2 or 3 Latino
tonight we'll see if the morao 'Athens
Are you provocative? No, you're just another slut
A Cuba Libre, 2 Babes and still want to go on a spree
Show off what you got, lady did not have defects,
This is because the alcohol levels are beginning to take effect
four o'clock need to rest
your body can not take any more but do not want to go
machacarte need, to stop puzzling
And you are as regguetontos that palmáis to dance
Regguetonto, you're a regguetonto

To f*** you!

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