En boca de tantos - No hay final feliz

No hay final feliz
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No hay final feliz Letra

All stories have an end and not happy;
maybe I was wrong thinking about a future with you.
And I know you can not change anything now,
step because even scratched and I still win.
I have a thorn that is depleted as ink,
not everything is as rosy as you paint it.
And sorry, I know I'm not perfect but alas,
I swear never to return never looked back.
No one can calm this hatred locked inside,
my body is to be exploited, died and left without feelings.
I lie to say I am one but I live in the abyss
not that my heart is broken, is no longer the same.
My eyes are dry, and do not cry,
but I want to unburden myself of this weight that controls me.
And perhaps it is true, I do not know what to believe,
perhaps love is not there and I wonder why I believed in him.
The promises are lies, silence is listening,
the time we forget, life is a continual struggle.
The landscape changes because I can not paint;
if I'm still here is because I have a contract with God.
My wounds will not heal, but become larger.
You do not understand me, shut up, look at me, tell me you feel!
You decide if you forget or live with it.
I confess that I remain that although I try.
I swear I thought you could be my life
and I do not think I was wrong as most.
and know you deserve much more,
I may never feel this way by giving sabértelo.
You start and then lose the illusion of magic,
after going to hope until there is nothing;
Only rage, hate! All of this because it's over.
You feel like the little light that is turned off.

And there is no happy ending, but it could have
if not for this life I could see it with my own eyes,
and yes, that was my fault,
I stopped to do my part and I shut up like a whore.
I also make mistakes and I'm tired of sin,
move much as I am to be in the same place.
"Correct or not? That is the question,
I'm sorry it did no good: pride could at heart.
I admit, we both had faults,
but I ended up tired of love when you do not know.
The worst thing is I dream of that life back,
I grabbed such a long rap that neither you imagine it.
And I swore not to look back but every day I do,
know very well that is the first time that I regret anything.
I want to change, I was the coward who gave up
and I assure you I hate myself and what I've become,
I'm just one more or not even that.
I also suffer but do not pray to a god I only have myself.
I lost people, lost time and things I want,
something that could not pay even the very money

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NO HAY FINAL FELIZ es una canción de Porta que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco En boca de tantos. Agradecemos a damiuru1992 por haber sudido la letra de No hay final feliz (en inglés).