'Rumores lo que se comenta por ahi' de Porta (No hay truco)

Rumores lo que se comenta por ahi en inglés



"When one gets a bit of fame, people will notice, all
look for ways to shove I do not think that many people credit to those
nonsense when they glimpsed a flicker of happiness there is always someone
who wants to destroy it. You should be careful what you're saying the
people, not the subject would take if passengers think they are rumors, I do not
wonder ... What say? "

"Hey Uncle, uncle, I enterao that Porta, host, that the holder is a preppy
uncle, that the holder is a preppy, it's a boy daddy! "
"But how can that be? But if it's a super rapper, there goes
gangsta in your neighborhood, you want to get and all around guy "" No,
no, it's not a fuc*** preppy

Look, Look ...

Look, you are just rumors, and I was sweating balls.
At the end say that Bazzel and I are fags.
We have a crew of rich kids Montao in Lebu, what not?
I started currar like a pig but he paid me daddy all,
You judge without knowing, you speak without knowing
Who have got to invent the letters I make them,
I know you fuc*** it so good and seek the explanation
Hell, no trick, at night I masturbate in my room
Thinking, in all these things,
In your press manipulation absurd pink
About the rap on Porta,
You are the typical Porta silly rhyming with "is short"
and envy that consumes you from the inside,
I enjoy watching this, sorry if you enraged.
True, the study pays Porta,
What I Invent around me that I really eat the foreskin,
That I threw an egg on the face and I did nothing?
Everyone who invented delivered, you have it certified.
Leave me alone, shit, that fame is not me.
So if neither know me, do not say that I have uploaded.
Loose talk, judge without knowing, silly thing.
The criterion is something they know very little use,
And then the rappers talk about respect in the room,
I go gangster, ghetto, from preppy, hippie and bakala.
Just what I needed to invent that payment for collaboration,
You must watch this panorama of the rap-fans.
I am repeating my voice and rayante,
Clear and well, you know that I make it interesting,
I love that you hate me, I'm entertaining,
I'm a preppy rich guy with hair and feathers in winter?
Ah, what I devote myself to steal bases? Coincidentally,
second-producers, flip with your incompetence.
Sell bases and then sell it to another is Xinkoa,
Mr. Trainor, I still hope these letters of Boa
For I-agreements do with your criticisms,
More false church and Mr. Judas kiss.

I look through my neighborhood, and I do not know why,
Is that why not be bajini neighborhood and be MC?,
That it weighs, I'm cool, posh and arrogant.
Tell me via Messenger and better if I'm Away,
I add 20 people a day, eh, but I am a border.
Who knows me knows that my room is pure disorder,
I am a child of parents that I have everything,
I do not have much imagination to get into a forum,
Uh, no molo, because I do not smoke or drink, and it is no rapper,
A inventing the rock like they are about Casper,
Damn, I'm sad guy, why the pilláis against me?
Please do not say I died stamped to Lady Di
Your friends comment there that I f*** you in Freestyle,
You know where to find me, show them they are wrong,
Actually you can judge my rap but not me,
What my rap is the least important? I know it's good, normal to f*** you.
Dad always said that although no mother spoiled me,
It's okay, I forgive you because it is a thing of envy,
There are fools who pretend to be me pa rock put me against,
And then there are the typical want to be like Porta,
My model eurazos eight hundred thousand,
The lyrics, the style, flow nine hundred thousand, and by the way,
Jobs in automatism "Ignorant!" Do not know what is?
lyrics I'm self-taught teenager, I know.
With your friends you really a pimp and I hesitate,
If you meet me in the street alone and watch me,
If you do it out of admiration, I live in a posh neighborhood,
That a guy who lives in Pedral D'Esprobijo,
I invent gossip, lies, secondary
You can not attack my rap, because he is handsome, that you get angry,
Envy is bad, do not you have learned at school?
Appearances are deceptive, you better let go of smug,
Saying that I have an issue with someone who does not know who he is,
I rapeao with Andy and Lucas, Melendi and Miguel Bose,
No te jode, say I hear machine and reggeaton,
That carries with feel very vacilón chains.

Look, I'll tell you one thing, you may not know,
Well, what if something and you say inventareis?
You lack imagination, what's up, live in Sarrià, ah,
That is another reason that prevents me from doing rap,
buah, admit it, I do know that cojonudo,
I put my words unto you in the ass with a funnel,
Shall deceive you and say I'm a shit,
I know you like to listen in a dark room my model,
But anyone knows, is the leader of yours,
I hate the crews because they are often composed of flower buds,
Comment on my rap, not about my personal life,
Porta Door is not funny, be more original
"They kicked me out of a gig to kick? Before I give the f***, I swear,
When we say micro free is free micro-period.
Since you want me to go by foot,
What happens is that pa way you look good as regards
Where the f*** out so that I am a pijai?
Dad did not pay anything, flip with what I invent,
There are a thousand rumors Rulando around, Holy shit,
To know that the holder is partly the box and enjoy,
Anonymous invent rumors because,
You are Mc's of the nameless club because I bored,
It is not only reached the top, is also maintained,
Who can not afford it because he can not move,
Listen, I'll be honest,
maybe it's quality, but make good rap is not about money.
You are worth the laugh rap,
They talk about me in the back and face always false smiles
Tell me something that has not been said, something he does not know
Thank all who have devoted subjects,
Eh! I will appoint you, that you no promotion,
Who will take this personally, will somehow
You're wasting your time if you think I screwed rumors,
Singles, Gentlemen listen,
You'll see that I laugh at anyone who tries to invent pa touch my balls,
Criticize without hearing, without knowing much is invented,
There are no stupid comments, but fools who comment.

You agree to direct my, left more than happy,
While you were at Soma with pasta, you'd start kicking
Speak what you want, do not bother me at all,
Those that do not insult me pa pagasteis before entry,
Cheewaka twice, measure their trauma without a mask,
His mask is so ugly that even cover model is,
Book I know to do, change your voice every now and then
We recorded in Lebu massacre and with SingStar, f***
See if you get it, men of the day,
This is what's called ragga and I do wickedly,
Heavy and see if you are silent and on Monday go to clean it,
"Hey man, Charles, go and pay him one calo"
Interestingly, another asshole
M-Ku Valley and Milky ladybug and I ate the cock,
Sandy, 6 square fools
P.D.: I hope to hear from you soon.

Dude, put your base but have not terminao.
And that-dir-an I do not care, asshole,
I always end up seeing the signatures of some queer,
and lick it sees the decoy At first pass,
I like a Lays until they have all the bars.
And it begins the saga of the fuc*** whore Xinkoa,
do not trust their bases, because all the steals,
the first will give you, then hands it to another MC,
Black, preppy gill, latin Sergy, pimpin
If you do not like reading, do not lie in your raps,
Batterers who are nothing and are they the cracks,
I'm almost always docile, except when I f***,
Putea puteo to whom I provided that it deserves.

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