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I'm of the most beloved MCs, but for the most criticism
been disconnected from the world and I have sung
outstanding contributions have at least 30
far exceed the 100,000 downloads, ah feel!
Who are you to think and criticize
you have to take many pa beat custard
I admit, I like my rap. and that's bad?
to my home cool in the mage carries jackets

I am a viciae, you can call me geek and not seen Dikies tikis Mikis
I pick up a Bic Mac you'll leave pa
I do take antidepressants q
have told me that condom use mini size
and it is normal not to listen to my demo
if you are the typical home pringao going to school by bike
not give me that I put you on to believe me cun
not even into rap at my feet I reached
I wonder if ever someone you've enrollao

if so what is certain is that he has not gustao
get in the avatar of the messenger these sexy pics
if you leave these in your checking Musculito
comeme much only know that the cock
know because rap these? because they fuc***
age is no question, but if for some

holy listening Chust clan? give you the ass
not understand how people can like andy and lucas
and submitted to battle in trousers pucca
There are many guys that have seen their life bitch panties
many f*** ... but that's because they pay
because it is fashionable to dress like a gay
many EMSIS mellrons look like something out of play
and that you have against fat people
have it so small that it can hang or be porn actors

I have your picture on my pc
are the error that caused in the form c
I booked a play 3 in my video store
if at 20 you're a virgin even better go to a strip joint
I doubt that this boring
I wonder how many people in this moment he will be running
and I understand that some do not want or at home
should be difficult to have groupies having that face

you tell me about my hair, there is a problem?
I only know that playing with fire burning I do not
I started fuc*** record with windows recorder
am among those who prefer the peseta to the euro before
people do not do more than talk about who drinks and smokes dope
I am a holder for the Mongols pa ti
I have to draw strength from the top wing models
I will make it clear once again, not from door holder
I short what I have to say I say and point
I'm going to sack me if I screwed the verge

sometimes put phrases I remember from some of my freestyles
if you see me improvising sure you flipais
the alleged child dad came for a sense of wonder
grabeis no matter where everything is expensive according to you
not going to be a whore house in your life
do not give away condoms in AIDS campaigns
and remember in parbulario?
you were the bully who beat in the courtyard
tomato quiet child and the lollipop
the profs it was called ..

I can not think of anything else to give him a fuc*** drink bleach to
all believe that babies come by stork
the Magi and Santa Claus do not exist that you hear
flipe when I saw a naked tia for 1st time
and two guys in a threesome? I can not even see
and ami esque and I do not care

that of every 20 items 3 to me to devote the most idiotic
gentlemen's balls do not touch me
that for every 5 good EMSIS 3 are my failed clones
I'm of the most criticized in the totem EMSIS
I start to feel so uncomfortable talking about my
Let me give you advice, listen ..
f*** condom does not taste so you do not use it.
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: damiuru1992 (#811)

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