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Raise your hands and love to fool Hitler
Your alpha will soon only Tommy Hillfiger,
The esbástica? I wipe her ass and nose
I am ashamed to kill bulls is sport in this country
(why?) and if the blacks here are the evolution
Nazis! You wear badges with the symbol of queer
trim your mustache was
I touch the German dictator could not be getting into porn
talk about Aznar, Rajoy and Zapatero
you do not know about another lisp, the other ugly Mr.Bean in
catastrophes do not care if you change the channel pa see Risto
I do not believe that the Pope of Rome has taken hard
society is a somewhat rare
but, because the aunts flipan with the theme on which I call them sluts
fórrate just for kicking a ball
holiday you get everything and not a man but potas
published "Franco dead" and when he still lived
they died with the brick facades, while the rest of joy
wing, f*** its dictatorship, its tough
yes he deserved the most painful torture
people only care about what others say
here 98% of students repeat
I wonder if I can have coffee at 80 cents
say that Spain is going well with a government so pesimo
Rajoy was going to helicopters and falls to pike
Here is the most pringao bullying
this is the most natural and normal friend
summer fashion that some are put up shelter
the policeman is the shame of the law this banner
hiphop vandalism, no? hiphop is art
the laws are poorly organized
Spain country that starts killing by a glance

Government, fashion, fame, are the bosses falsefad
programs, news cheap hypocrisy
forums, killing bulls, welcome to an alien society
as an example of America, Germany and especially Spain.

The idiot box laba us understand the brain?
gossips with all these programs I see that anything sells
overuse and that's a problem
There is less coverage in the country that offers Amena
surfing at 20 megs, no, here we con
commands among youth fashion welcome to Spain
Pope rely on thousands of believers
tell me how it is possible to speak for something nonexistent
that the tripartite's this? I'm not kidding
Here's all pa Madrid, I am still waiting for the Ave in Barcelona
Iberia and Renfe are a mess
breakdowns in the tracks, lose your time is more valuable in life
Bush just wants power for the twins fell
not know where Bin Laden? and expect me to believe
although that is easy to enclose an innocent and so happy
the electric chair in America's justice and bisnes
after the 11-S and M comes, the third world pa
petan already have if the planet with other nuclear
and is the gospel truth, as there is no drama Simpsons
are just the spitting image of an American family
and you tell me what is real to me? at this point
in this life there is nothing more real than paying your bills
hipotecate life, so you can buy a flat
do not worry it will have to finish paying for your children
votes for the PP aback fuc*** right course
ask yourself why a company so macho
go to the army and die for your country with pride
by Spain and she do everything for you does not give a hard (Capua)
and creating and then selling cures diseases
perhaps you know that enter your body when you vaccinate
pay your bills, your taxes
his salary will not have to live the king of ours.

Government, fashion, fame, are the bosses falsefad
programs, news cheap hypocrisy
forums, killing bulls, welcome to an alien society
as an example of America, Germany and especially Spain.


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