A Heartless
for the kingdom of hearts
A place that exists
A heart inmate caught, he wants to get out.
My feelings are theirs, not what is?
I thought and think of tomorrow, in a yesterday
Not if I want and as before
Long ago my heart stopped beating
It dies slowly but do not want
I want to go to a place where nothing hurts me
I and all the pain away, despite charges
I see all of another color, somewhat darker gray or
Hide the tears is hard, harsh reality is
We perceive and hide away in which we live
I keep suffering prisoner
I lie when I say that live,
Sorry for wanting to leave ... (sorry!)
I want to go away somewhere else.
I keep dragging my sorrows and joys
Light and dark my days
Maybe I'm still that cryo different from the others, I notice
My heart is broken because
I forgot my past pa make a future without you
As hard as it was, want to be that it was before death
I want a place where not suffer again
Resurgence of my ashes
I'm dead inside suffered such beatings
The caresses vanished,
With tears in this story were lost
I am a sinsombra, I am a Heartless
I'm still looking for a reason because of my existence
Appearances deceive, in a short time many bad experiences
Too pa my taste.
Life gives you shocks and not fair
The opportunity is exhausted
I feel a strong pressure
will be the last thing my heart feel
far from everything and everyone want to go
high scream and nobody can hear me
Pa ti empty words,
Let me repeat and echo in my heart is hollow
Eyes open but closed eyelids
Gave a step in the wrong place
Want to repent and do not dare
Want to see the world upside down, do not believe in god.
Under my feet the (...) a world that never was
Darkness reigns over the light sentences of the day
That enclosure is your coffin.
A light disordered memories of feelings
You have not deleted from oblivion obsessed with a zero
Only a treasure that is not bronze or silver or gold
The last ray of light never dies
Distinguishes you for your personality (pretend!)
To find eternal happiness in the trunk of memories preserved.
Despite everything I remain alone with doubts to move forward.

My destination is chosen at random I sail my boat with the burden of my heart,
board and hate to see how it goes.

I have no proof that I exist,
My heart is dead it seems
I write for ages, my lyrics, you feel my tears, my grief in the form of gout.
And I feel that I can not
Little by little I feel like I'm dying,
I'm nowhere
Only with a broken heart no longer in control,
What does not kill you makes you stronger say
Luck does not exist
I pray for my death
Sell my soul for a heart to serve
I'm tired of seeing always the same lens
My heart was consumed oblivion
By refusing to recall the lived
I have no soul, I am a disembodied
Folios feelings that plasma
I became a shadow
Seeking the kingdom of hearts
Pa not be alone ...
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