I have something MARKERS what's your
any console'm frik not have a nik a snoop hit
I have the seasons on dvd parent
I have a huge plasma TV besides full hd
dragon ball absolutely everything I have a floor
I am a partner and living alone have the mail center and cards stail
cn one portable touch screen lg
I am the latest caprixoso and a cell phone these 3g
the BillTo out of my pocket flat
I pay monthly contract where i live
fliparias with the amount of my original games
Tell the fnac, I have an ikea sofa double the normal k
good micro and monitors that you shit
enviable family and girlfriend so you see I lack nothing
and have good jobs this great pair of eggs
almost every week at least one new videjuego
Sobrao call me, I've wins with my sweat
not always lived this I work hard and go and break my ipod
Tegmo ELEPE maketas and now I have labia
I am pleased to not depend on anyone so shut up
my personality is not only an unmistakable hair
I have something that makes me special and distinguishes me
card as you see I have no car or motorbike tampoko
although I have a vocabulary that can leave you broke
expensive clothes just to take up to flea market
countless rock discs of this scene
I have no charisma and cmprado x ebay, the beach, my dog is a sharpei
I have, the more room geek that you can imagine.

I have no cash
I have no love
no home
I do not want to put up with so you can already Cayar
i got no car
I have my hons
I have my stail
I dont try my original flow is mind cos

Ehler Danloss

I just have an innate savoir faire
a dj on the turntables, my colleague cycle making deals
I do not have contracts, have style for awhile, flat
the world under the shoes my homies and baths
teporales depression, I have no remedy
and kill the idiots who put me in the midst
I have bad luck, I do not want to see
ikea have a hammer if you come to f***
I have my character and my a.k.a
i got no money, so honey, better than what you give me
nebera empty because I'm good and I guarantee
mc's like me there every day
give me your advice that I have, I sell your complex
and saving to buy a nintendo pa
I'm young I'm in my glory bid
I have good health internal blues
I have soul and funk and rok and roll in winter
and my records of Jethro Tull by if I'm cute
comics, video games, books, invoices and vices
Sleep, sick body and mind of a child
this is me Ehler danloss ah!
I gear my alter ego number one ah!
want your money to be honest man!
Tell all your fana aha!

I have no cash
I have no love
no home
I do not want to put up with so you can already Cayar
i got no car
I have my hons
I have my stail
I have my original flow is mind dont try cos
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