Buy Phoskitos ah, just for the surprise
I dwarf my diet is based on strawberry petit suisse
if your model is under me do you a favor
there are more models in advertising porn warzone
On Saturday night I write and turn off the light
pa 'see another chapter porno canal plus
parent apart from the rest is crap
see me getting hard
telecinco girls in the shopping channel

Me grand theft auto vice to spend if the evidence
even so I killed police to see if 1000 is beyond me
to get up there who support me
when I travel by subway if I approached the neckline is pa verte
pokemon crystal was playing up while dining
was the son of a bitch who turned off the game boy when cloned
I saw a porno with 3 years and that's nothing
Hull me 14 times a week minimum

Robo ballpoint pens in class
thinking of the profession in class I become mentally straws
I have always copied the duties of my fellow
I used to spend their money in exchange for consideration
I am among those who f*** and can not say sorry
ate the happy meal just for the doll that he carries within
do not need your lucky you!
pa that I already have my boxes of Star Wars


I am addicted to coca cola almost all of Caprabo
who has not ever thought that as lame and non-payment
stole the cards from the Bollicao son goku
TAZOS balls bought by my arms are mazao
not watching football played with the batman
step I take I still walkman mp3
'm the one who does not need you so much Grandma
and if you liked because you will go deaf or blind to eleven!
dream of the lottery if you believe in God touches you absolutely sure that some day

I'm not the typical strip if you see jellyfish sea
I am the bastard who the bully school bully abuses
'm Spanish but Catalan from Barcelona
the typical enserio it takes all the jokes are kidding!
I watch the Simpsons, Futurama, and also a parent
south park, buenafuente, dragon ball or I miss a day
'm the one who was late to school, who waited in the hall
which rolled across the guardian
not be 100 percent but if a 99
Am that has no hood or umbrella when it rains

I was excited when I saw that I grew a mustache
Small Say who has not been measured ever the dick
I'm the kid, who always has tea with chocolate spread
if I made vanilla ice cream,
and he repeated as the custard


I'm a geek, if I am well
I am a geek, you know most about me
I am a geek, come aceptame
I am a geek, I do by f***


I am a viciae there's no doubt
I'm a geek who hates death, the word "sweat"
little perfectionist in everything I do I'm good
less well in school who used to touch my eggs
apotheosis with a pen I've always estao bic
"I can do that as well? cola cao will take
retract that I am forgiven of Nesquick
I believed that I never touch the moon with the petit suisse

Dinosaur cookies, chips ahoy and rich toast
pa breakfast that will go better than little stars
I have little patience goes patxi!
'm the one who says God bless you and pounded out of the taxi
exercising my mind with the rubi CUBIK
always hits pic and milk from the Tetra Brik
playmobil? piny pon? I spiderman and power rangers
your barbies Polly Pocket and Mighty Max yo shit!

I am who the messenger is always available at no
hate your false "jeje" and also your "xD" foreseeable
I have everything but my room is dwarf
I was punished at school and never learned the lesson
sprouts had all cards
my parents live until my children can not like!
of small television forever with the club super 3
See? I am much more geek than you think
chocobonds and kinder egg with surprise that he had
I am the rising rap raging butt neighboring pa

I competis Parcheessi, read comics and comics
cole on the shelf of books had only teo


Greetings to my ex girlfriend that I miss
Do what makes you happier to have a boyfriend and get the horns
you say never, but I always loved you
I do not know is that the billets yo tambien te hize
mido 1.60 still does not get to my height

because my mom had a dream that I had just notary
look for breast belching champion will end up being in my neighborhood
I was named the best chemistry on my chops
change the periodic table of girls with big tits

I want to be a gynecologist for, you did not know
giving lollipops to children while their mothers f*** me
class have always been the shortest bueeeeno!
girls spoiled me and I shook against her breasts
to arrive in ever understand what being an adult
pa graphite pencil sniffed up the fever and not go to tuto
call a bitch is my way to take you down the yew
I decided to rely on my old 30
I do push-ups with the language, we took a pulse?
school if I repeat it, because I like this course
make clear that I am not a geek different
now I pyro to vitiate a while to sikits triki s (?)


I'm a geek, if I am well
I am a geek, you know most about me
I am a geek, come aceptame
I am a geek, I do by f***


I am not pick up the phone if the number is unknown
I look more and the price without VAT is not included
Am I a thought it? nah! I only want
pa not go to school to cuentitis
bullying made me not only approved recreational
I do not like cheese or that or the bachelor
I guess today I'm still the kid from yesterday
I do not understand that pussy served pa snuff, the alcoholism
taking rap and good series like dragon ball
am who do not know your PIN number phone
I have a super ugly signature written in my ID
I am the most painful to get in the cards for panini
I hate wearing the cani serve and it makes you think MC


I'm a geek, if I am well
I am a geek, you know most about me
I am a geek, come aceptame
I am a geek, I do by f***


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